Well, I just finished watching Attack on Titan Anime about half an hour ago (as of time of writing which was about 3 days ago), and I decided to write this blog to sort out my thoughts. Now I'm just going to type out whatever springs to mind, so I may ramble a bit here. In addition, I decided to type this up without consulting any other sources, (the Internet, the magna, other people, etc.), so as to keep my thoughts mine. Also, it (should) go without saying that full spoilers await all ye who read on past this point.


I liked Attack on Titan if my knowledge of Anime were extensive enough for a review by myself to be meaningful, I'd give it a 9. What I didn't like however, was the F-en SPOILERS! Both the fact that Eren and Annie were Titans was spoiled to me beforehand! While it was still suspenseful when I actually watch the episodes where those things happened, I knew that it would have been 10 times better had I not known (or at least, had waited a month or so until I've forgotten).

Why do people like to flat out spoil things! I don't mean teasing it either. I was flat out told to my face that "Eren/ Annie was a Titan" just like that. No consideration of if I wanted to know or not. It was infuriating! I was tempted to spoil something for them, but I knew that I had to control myself. If I did do that it would just make a never ending self-feeding cycle of disappointment. This is also why it only gets a 9 instead of a 10. While it's not the fault of the Anime that someone spoiled it for me, that don't change the fact that it DID make it less enjoyable for me, and thus the slight reduction in score.


I liked Annie; she was actually one of my favorite characters. While it was effective shocker that she was revealed to be the She-Titan, I still can't get over my strange attraction to her character. I guess part of just likes her calculating aloofness, a trait that I often see in myself. I'm curious to see just where she came from and what she was trying to do. Her relationship with that father of hers is one that I definitely wouldn't want to miss.

Ummm, I thought they would actually make more progress than they did in terms of accomplishing things, but I guess I'll let that one slide on account of it going along with the themes in the show (futility, not backing down because of it, etc.)

I really liked the first opening theme; I thought it was just amazing. The second however... Not so much. If you were wondering why I would only give this series a 9, this is another one of those reasons. I just didn't like it.

Um, on to theorizing for what's ahead in the anime I guess. The Magna is probably far ahead of this point in the story, so I'd find the answers to a lot of these speculations if I read it, but that's just something I can do later.... Again, Don't spoil anything for me in the comments. If you've read ahead of this particular point in the story. 

One thing I'm curious about is the nature of the 3 walls. I had assumed that Men had built them in desperation, but that was proven wrong. I guess I should have been able to see it coming when you see the religion that forms around them, and the fact that they couldn't repair the gate in Trost. But in hind sight, those were both fairly sound conclusions (the Religion because it was born out of the interior where safety is all but guaranteed and thus stuff like that doesn't seem to crazy; and the Wall because of the giant bolder in front of it.) But it didn't hit me until they had that story in the last episode about the Mine who tried to go under the wall. When I saw that they went down to bedrock, and that it was a secret that the government would protect, it shattered my preconceptions. This will obviously merit further exploration in a season two I guess.

The fact that there was some kind of conspiracy with the Titans was obvious to me from the first episode; I was just wrong on a few details. My theory (that I thought of after Eren's Titan-ness was spoiled for me), was that Mankind was involved in a drawn out war with some kind of Super Natural/ Technologically sophisticated enemy that had the capability to turn into Titans. This fact was hidden by the government to keep control; the walls were constructed to keep them out, and so on. Strangely enough, I didn't make the connection that there were other people like Eren INSIDE THE WALLS until I was told so.

I also think that there's a 4th wall outside Wall Maria, it was just taken so long ago that everyone has either forgotten about it or was killed/ suppressed by the government because of the knowledge.

Well that's all I got. Leave your comments below and if any of you spoil anything, I will launch a .gif attack on your page.