(I promise, they aren't Face palm bad)

Well, now that I got my introduction and New Year's blogs outta the way, I figure that I should talk about why I'm doing this in the first place. From what I've heard 31/31's are grueling challenges, not easily conquered and difficult to get used to. You'd think I have a good reason to do this. And, I kinda do. Today, I'll list my reasons.

Reason 1: The Challenge

It seems that everyone on this site who is on here regularly has done a few blogs, and that's pretty much true. But only an elite few have completed a 31/31, and I was just drawn to the prospect. I guess you could say the same thing about the site glitches, but I actually just had the help of someone who was pretty awesome with that one.

Out of all the months in the year I initially eliminated February, because it was the shorted month and since I was doing this partly for the challenge, I didn't want to take the easy way out, thus eliminating all the months without 31 days.

Reason 2:  The Glory

This one stems from the first reason I guess. Few people have done 31/31's, so I thought it would be cool to be among their ranks. Bu there's also another part to this. "If I'm going to write a blog everyday" I thought to myself, then I'm going to want other people to read it (a lofty goal I know), so that eliminated months where I thought the most people wrote 31/31's. So, that would be June, July, and August.

(not the kind of skills I was getting at, but close enough)

Reason 3: The Skill

This one is a little strange I admit, but just bear with me.  Last semester I did pretty poorly in my writing class (well, by my standards anyway.) I've resolved not to let that happen again. I've been told that the best way to improve your writing skill is to write more and hone your craft, so here I am.

Reason 4: The Time

And this is what decided what month I would be doing this. To put it frankly, I just picked January because I had the most days off. Let me explain. I go back to high school on the 6th, but that doesn't mean I'm at school full time. Until the 22nd (I know it's a weird date, I wasn't the one who decided it) I only have classes in the afternoon. So my entire mornings are free. That means I'll be able to blog to my heart's content before school even begins. 


            Well, those are my reasons as to why I'm doing this. Sound off in the comments below if you have any questions. Starting tomorrow, I'll be doing more regular stuff, until then however, farewell.