One of the most iconic expressions of beauty and adventure the videogames industry has ever produced was the Square title "Secret of Mana." A sublime audio-visual experience, "SoM" (as it is commonly known) served to bridge the gap of child-like wonder and fantasy videogames as toys (as mere tools of play) serve as, and the potential the form offers for serving as personal statements grounded in matured sensibilities, evident in the understated soundtrack which personifies the pulse of Nature itself, and art direction which gracefully invoked awe and solemnity and sheer joy, vividly telling the story of the state of Man amongst a world greater than himself.


In other words...






Pure, sheer magic.


I do not claim videogames to be art.


But Hiro Isono was a man, an artist, whose vision and artistry elevated the works he was part of towards something greater than pixels and plastic cartridges.



































Godspeed to the Pure Land, Mr. Isono.