That title brought back the best memories of my life. For those who don't know that much about me and my love for this game, please read my 5 paragraph Bio description. It consumed my young life, it made me the man I am today. Ladies and Gentlemen, Donkey Kong 64 is the bar for Open World platformers.

This was my "Little Golden Cartridge" 

Say what you want about this so-called "Mario Clone", it makes no difference to me. I have nothing but praise for this game. Its big, its fun, its childish, its beautiful, its perfect. The soundtrack, filled with brass and drums, just keeps you moving along with the biggest grin on your face. Not to mention that it opens with the incredible DK Rap. #sarcasm

Controls are smooth as butter, allowing you to leap around the massive hub world, DK Isle. While DK Isle is big and commanding, its nothing compared to the SECOND HUB WORLD. That's right, 2 hub worlds. One is DK Isle, and the other is King K. Rool's Fortress. Within King K. Rool's Fortress, there's darker and more sinister worlds, but DK Isle has the bright and cartoony levels. Don't think any of these worlds are "skimped" for a second. Every level is perfect.

The visuals are astounding, even to this day. Look at it with Retro Charm, and its pretty remarkable. Look at it for when it was released, and there is no equal. It required the 4MB Expansion Pack and produced some of the most vibrant and beautiful colors and hues found on the N64. Mario 64 may have some creative environments such as the Whomp Fortress and the Bowser Gauntlets, did Mario have a freaking Aztec Temple? How about a Cyberpunk Factory? A forest filled with enormous mushrooms? Yeah, Donkey Kong has that, Mario doesn't.

Did I mention that there's 5 different playable characters? You have Classic Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Tiny Kong, Lanky Kong, and Chunky Kong. All of these "Kongs" have drastically different play styles and move sets. Not to mention that each have their own boss to fight, such as a massive Jack in the Box, an Armadillo with mounted cannons, a fire breathing Dragonfly, and the Legendary King K.Rool amongst even more. 

Each Kong also is outfitted with his/her special weapon. Peanut shooters and Pineapple launchers are tame compared to the other things you will use. Upgradable moves, musical instruments, and tons more. Not to mention the included 4 player deathmatch modes, with first person shooting. In my humble opinion, it controls better than GoldenEye, but  I respect what Goldeneye did for the FPS genre. Nevertheless, its still fun as hell. The wealth of amazing content is daunting.

This game consumed my young life, and it will again once I buy my N64. If you've never played this game, go get it. It will remind you how great games once were. There's so much to do, and its fun the whole way through.

Fox, out