While some games appeal to one, such as me, because of their attention to detail, polish, story, groundbreaking gameplay, or reinvention of old ideas, other games are great because of the time they were discovered. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the First Game I ever owned, Pokemon: Yellow Version.

I would kill for a remake

While others like this game too, my love for this far surpasses anything else. I treated this game like a child. I owned it and carried it wherever I traveled. The game is pure perfection, no matter which way you spin it.

Red and Blue are classics, and I second that notion. Timeless, untouchable  and outstanding are all words that can desrcibe the universal RPG. However, the young child within me pushes for the superior game, Yellow Version. Hours upon hours were spent staring at the little screen, catching virtual little sprites in an enormous open world known as the Kanto Region. Even more hours were spent watching the phenomenal TV show, and being able to scream because Jesse and James were on my GameBoy with Meowth was electrifying. Pikachu reference, GET!

But did it seem fake to me? Hell no. Like God of War, Red Dead Redemption and Ocarina of Time, this game was a lifestyle, a new way to look at the world. I wasn't a 7 year old hyperactive kid with no social skills; i was a Pokemon Master. I could roll through any encounter I wanted with my amped up Pikachu and Charizard. I could defeat anyone and anything. I was the King.

You aren't a real fan unless you played this religiously 

But usually in a game, when you become the best, you stop. Not here.Pokemon drives you forward. 

Back then, there were only 151 Pokemon to catch and record. Now, theres over 630. No matter what anyone ever says, you simply cannot beat the Original 151. They are creative, yet simple. Its a flaming Dragon, not a massive floating ice cream cloud. Monsters like that spark the young child within me and remind me how truly awesome it was to be a child with this game.

While the music may seem incredibly redundant and boring, if you listen to it now, it will bring you to tears. If you share my love for this game, then you WILL cry. Not to mention that Nintendo had to deal with a system with a very weak audio output, meaning Nintendo couldn't put fully orchestrated music in the GameBoy. Nintendo dealt with the task at hand, and crafted brilliant tunes from an 8-Bit MIDI player. Just listen.

There is no contest. It's straight up awesome.

Buy this game. Buy it, buy it, buy it. If you didn't have it, you had a deprived childhood.

These games are masterpieces.

Fox, out