There's something special about this game; Something amazing about the embodiment of a ruthless killer. From a spectators point of view, its a murder and sex simulator. However, put the DualShock in your hands and it becomes something far beyond that: it becomes an Experience.

For those who've played this epic piece of software, they know exactly what I'm talking about. God of War is so much more than a game, a simple release, an avenue to blow off steam. God of War makes you feel emotion. God of War makes you a God Killer.

The premise of the series is beyond epic. Ares kills Kratos' family in order to secure his complete devotion, and Kratos gets pissed. Then, Zeus kills Kratos because of a vision and Kratos comes back from the dead to exact his revenge. Then, Kratos assembles the Titans of Lore to tear down Mount Olympus and kill the King of the Gods.

All of this is presented to you in the highest possible quality graphics and thundering music. God of War boils your blood.

I picked the first God of War over the other two because of the much more focused narrative. The second sort of lost me with the Steeds of Time and the Sisters of Fate, and the third...well, why was there even a Chain of Balance and the Labyrinth? Nevertheless, I played these games completely because they're so *** fun. However, if you know me, fun alone doesn't make a good game. 

The narrative of God of War is very focused, and hugely entertaining. The constant pursuit of Pandora's Box and the killing of Ares keeps you glued to your TV until the bitter end. No puzzle is wasted, no encounter is similar. Combat, while frequent, is addictive and incredibly varied. Tons of combos are at your disposal, and the inclusion of magic increases the fun exponentially. 

Not to mention the controls are tight as a string. No longer are you waiting, thinking about if the attack is going through or if you screwed up. God of War almost rewards button-mashing with insane animation, and when you actually try? Boy oh boy does the intensity soar. The smooth frame-rate and tight controls contribute to the fact that you are not playing a game, but instead experiencing something greater.

Ok, while somethings are overdone (see Sex), and the Hades blades are wicked annoying, but conquering them makes it all the better. Once you beat this game, you'll hit New Game and play it all over again. It's that good, and takes the spot for my 3rd Favorite Game of All Time.

Fox, out