Some games are just better than others. Some aspire to be more than a simple release, or a good time. Some are a true testament to gaming as more than just a Kid’s Hobby. No other game can advocate this notion than Rockstar’s greatest oroduct so far, Red Dead Redemption.

Before Red Dead Redemption, R* was primarily thought of as the immature classmate of the Gaming Industry. Making games that included sex with hookers and bank robberies and “Hot Coffee” didn’t resonate well with many people over the age of 30. However, those who played these games realized that R* creates some of the best entertainment in Gaming. Immersion, addictiveness, and attention to detail all combine to create what like to call the best game of this console generation.

I can’t describe my love for this game in mere words. There’s just something special about saddling up on a horse and riding off into the sunset with a sharp guitar echoing in your ears. R* nailed the cowboy piece, and strafed from stereotypes such as swearing, mass murder, and alcoholism. Those themes are included in this period piece, but John Marston rarely performs these common misconceptions. He’s a family man who puts others in front of himself. 

That doesn’t mean John Marston is a pushover. He asserts himself and puts his gun where his mouth goes. Where John goes, trouble follows, and he’s always ready to put a hot piece of lead in a man’s skull.

A good story goes a long way for me, and Red Dead Redemption delivered on all fronts. A winding epic tale of deceit, loyalty, betrayal, kinship, and love that is expertly told entertains you throughout. While some moments seem slower than others (see Cattle Herding), they can be seen as John Marston being more than a mass murderer, and a man who puts others in front of himself. Brilliant.

The gunplay is satisfying, with many period weapons to accompany you throughout your bloody path to redemption. Not to mention that Undead Nightmare also introduces new weapons such as the Blunderbuss to execute Zombies in their tracks. 

If you haven’t played it yet, get out and go buy this. R* deserves the money they spent on making this and if you ever want to see a sequel, they need the money. You won’t be disappointed.