Another “Underground hit”, in my opinion, but it holds a special place in my heart. Ty the Tasmanian Tiger was developed by KROME Studios and Published by EA, but it was far from a high-profile release. 

Few games come close to topping my love for this brilliant piece of software. For those who haven’t heard of it, I cannot recommend it enough. If you like a platformer, look no further. Mario may have the chops, but he doesn’t even come close to the charm that this Tasmanian Tiger has. I mean, Mario does his parkour and collecting in some very unrealistic worlds. While its pretty fun to triple flip on a floating island, is it at all realistic? No. Some argue that that is part of the appeal of games; being able to do whatever you want because you can’t in life. 

But when you play Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, you just don’t give a ***. 

You do some relatively generic platforming in the beginning when you are learning the ropes. But after the first boss fight (which I’ll get to in a moment) the whole world opens up. You travel to the depths of volcanoes, to the high recedes of a freezing mountain, it never fails to capture the Kid within you. 

And the boss fights? While they’re few in number, they are spectacular. A roided up Wild Hog? Robotic Shark? Enormous Yeti? Yeah, that’s right. And what do you get to fight these gargantuan beasts with? *** boomerangs.

Amazing. Simply amazing.

That’s right, boomerangs. You start out with a generic “Boomerang”, but keep playing, and you unlock electrical, flaming, ice, and tons more ‘rangs which are absolutely a dream to use. Some ‘rangs are cooler than others, I’ll admit, but comparing a time freezing rang to an exploding, heat seeking rang is apples to oranges. 

The dialogue is a little cheesy, but cute, as there are now stiffly acted humans. All the characters are assorted Australian animals, such as a dingo and cassowary. The story is epic in its own regard, making you hunt down the fabled “Talismans” in order to bring your parents back to your own time. Very, very entertaining.

The graphics are rough to go back to, but the art style makes up for it. Almost cel-shaded in some regards, it perfectly encases a cartoon version of Australia. Just wait until you get to the Outback level. One of the best ever.

HD Remake Please.

The biggest impact on my life, was like Super Mario Sunshine, the obsession I had with it. I would take old boxes and cut out boomerangs and throw them at the neighbor kids, shouting, “You’re on fire now!”. When my Grandparents brought me back an authentic boomerang from Australia, I *** bricks. I couldn’t believe it. I treasured it like a child, until this idiot decided to throw it on a roof. ***

I cannot recommend this game enough to anyone. Everyone should play it, everyone should adore it. Do it.