My last 3 picks have been relatively "mainstream", when I think about it. I mean, a Mario Game, a Bethesda game, and freakin' Ocarina of Time. Here, I present my 7th pick which you may be genuinely surprised about: Monster Hunter Tri for Wii.

When you think "RPG", what comes to mind? Good story, huge world, quests are usually the first picks, but for me, and RPG means lengthy conquest. The premise behind Monster Hunter Tri is pretty basic, to be honest, but the story takes the backseat in this amazing game. A Fishing Villiage is being terrorized by a huge Water Beast known as the Lagiacrus, which is the monster you see on the cover. However, just like in any other game, you have to take down many other enemies to ultimately reach this Beast. 

The great thing about this game is that it almost is like Shadow of the Colossus in a certain form. The whole point of the game is boss fights, not the little individual quests. I mean, yes there are some gathering quests and kill small enemies quests, but those pale in comparison to some of the later missions you get assigned. Some are relatively easy, such as kill the Royal Ludroth, and some are downright challenging, like kill the Lagiacrus and Rathalos in under 40 minutes.

Yeah, kill it. And do it quickly.

And when I mean challenging, I mean it. This game is hard as balls. Like Demon's Souls, it will crush you, spit on you, and laugh at you. But that keeps you coming back for more. The first time I prepared for the Lagiacrus battle, I thought I could do it easily. I had beefed up myself with some side quests, but I was dominated. 

Like Demon's Souls, the reward is unsurpassed. The feeling you get after spending 40 minutes of real time chasing Dragons and Water Serpents around enormous maps and taking them down is awesome. When you see the Rathalos limping away after a huge strike against its head, you jump out of your chair/couch and scream. Seriously. This isn't a God of War boss fight, where you hit X Circle Square and you decapitate a god. Nope, its like Demon's Souls challenge but with a climactic and rewarding finishing. Seeing the beast go down in a roar and being able to carve it up to take away some pieces of it is incredible. Not to mention that the armor and weapons you can craft from its body parts are like some of the most insane designs ever to hit the gaming scene.

And thats the ugly stuff

You may think that because it takes place at a fishing village that there's a lack in area variety. Ha! You have the Island, a Forest, a Volcano, A Desert, a BIGGER Desert (which holds one of the most insane boss fights ever), a Tundra, and special areas, like an Underwater Ruin and the Sacred Land. 

And the bosses? Holy smokes. The designs on them are beautiful, and how they vary in AI attack patterns is impressive, considering the Wii's technological limitations. Use this website and see for yourself. Part of me wishes that this was made for the PS3, but you get what you get. The environments are striking for a Wii game, and the only thing that mar them are the load times between areas. Thankfully, they aren't that long.

The best part about this game is how it actually makes you feel like a hunter. A Monster Hunter. And if you ask me, that's an achievement worth talking about.

Fox, out.

So who's played this gem of a game?