The amount of Flak I will receive for putting this game so low on a list will be incredible. Words often used to describe this game are Untouchable, Timeless, Outstanding, Perfection among other compliments. And I completely believe that those words could be used to to characterize this magnificent piece of art. 

However, before you read this, you must understand one thing. I came late to the party on this game.

Seeing blocky, high polygon count visuals in 2011 is very rough, and respecting "retro charm" is pretty challenging, especially coming off of gorgeous games such as Rage and Uncharted. However, for a 5th generation game, it has aged very well. The faces still convey a surprising amount of emotion, and Hyrule Field is still vast, not pretty, but expansive. 

The gamepad is perfect for this game. The controls are so perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Z-Targeting works like a charm, and using the C Buttons is easy as cake. The menu management is still annoying (I'm looking at you, Water Temple), but its not a burden. Navi's incessant pestering is still annoying, however, but she helps the little child in all of us who is lost without a paddle.

So, if I came so late to the party, why is this game so high on a list? Especially when I have played so many games? Easy.

The context.

This game revolutionized gaming. It created lock-on targeting. Graphically, we never thought games would ever be able to look better than this. It was the bar.

The story told is nothing short of excellence. The classic Boy to Man story of love and good conquering evil may be Cliché, but the manner of deliverance is magical. The soundtrack...oh lord the soundtrack. 

This sums it up

This is the first Zelda game I have ever played and beaten, and I highly doubt it will be the last. Just like how Shakespeare crafted stories that will last throughout the ages, Ocarina of Time is just that. Timeless.

Fox, out

So are you like me, and came late to the party? Or did you treasure this game from Day 1?