If any of you follow me, you know that my first blog I ever wrote was a very one-sided post about how emotional moments in gaming are stronger than in movies. Somehow, it was herded. I didn't really get into a lot of depth into the post about emotions themselves and what games bring forth what emotions. I kept it too lovely/touchy/feely crying emotions which you can read about here. 

However, I'm here to elaborate on that. Games can produce a whole spectrum of emotions, ranging from sadness to pure joy to unrivaled accomplishment. Games no longer are a mere time waster, they're a medium for storytelling. These are the best games which bring out the best emotions.

Sheer RageRage is an emotion which is tough to bring out, especially in a game. In life, it's relatively easy, because you have relationships with people developed over time. Nothing is pre-determined by some behind-the-scenes director such as in any video game or movie or TV show. It's up to that person to breathe life into the characters, real or not, to make humans have a genuine care for them. Now, there are two ways to develop a character in a situation like this. You can characterize them as a goodhearted figure, or a complete ***. The latter is much easier and capable to do at a quicker rate. I was watching the Pilot of Breaking Bad, and these High-School kids were insulting a physically and mentally handicapped kid. This immediately makes you hate those kids, because they are going against what is socially accepted in modern life. Now, these are real humans conveying real emotions, but how does one do this in a video game? Easy, ask David Jaffe, maker of the God of War franchise.

Heilos was a tool...

I know, I know, I used God of War in other post. However, you need to realize that people may merely think that God of War is a murder/sex simulator, when there is much behind the curtain that the mainstream audience does not see. It's a deep, twisting tale of an anti-hero who is very narcissistic, yet you always push for him. Why? He is thrown into a situation chosen by the developers to convey a real human emotion. As Stephen King once said, which I'll reference again in this post, horror is the fear of loss, and Kratos looses everything. God of War isn't a horror game, in fact, its the opposite. Its a badassery simulator if anything. But when the writers behind the God of War franchise show just how evil the Gods are for tricking a human into doing their bidding, its very hard not to get pissed off.

WINNER: God of War Series

Terror: As I said in the post before, horror is the fear of loss. Whether its losing your job, your family, or your grip on reality, its possible to bend and meld this theme anyway you wish. Nowadays, the "Survival Horror" franchise is focusing more on losing ammo then losing sanity. As we recently discussed in AGP, games need to explore this more. Yes, its fun to be able to live out the story of Leon Kennedy, but is it necessarily scary? No, its more shooter then horror. Seeing Silent Hill on the PS1 was terrifying, but laughable textures and poor draw-distance make it very tough to be scared by nowadays. Dead Space did a good job of evoking fear, but there was never a time when I felt "Man, I need to turn this off or I'm gonna lose sleep". I thought, "I need to turn this off because I keep dying". So what should we do? Turn to Frictional Games's Amnesia: The Dark Descent. 

Its the truth! There's no weapons!

A big divide in the gaming comity consists of who's a true gamer and who isn't. I believe that we all are gamers, but if you consider yourself a gamer, you owe it to yourself to play this game. No other Survival Horror game nails the genre like this game does. I cannot tell you how much of a true Survival game it is until you play it at night with the lights off. Seriously, its terrifying and makes you run to cover from the monsters and creatures of the night. Horror is played out nicely in that you are losing your grip on reality by spending too much time in the dark, but if you stay out in the light, you will get swarmed and murdered. It's a true Survival Horror game. Why do I put this above everything else? I got so scared that I turned the game off, uninstalled it, and didn't sleep for 2 days. Play it.

WINNER: Amnesia the Dark Descent

Badassery: While Terror and Rage are nice emotions to feel, and they keep us grounded as human beings, sometimes you just want to blow *** up. You have many options in the genre, as the destructive 1st Person shooter is coming back. Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 have destruction capabilities only rivaled by Red Faction: Guerrilla, not to mention that they are actually fun to play. But the true genius comes from the greatest man in the gaming industry, CliffyB. He is the equilivant of a rockstar for gamers. He crafts manly games for manly people, he turned the FPS genre upside down with UT2004 (a game that still holds up today), has a smoking hot girlfriend, and actually cares about his products given to his consumer, which is the best thing of them all. So what game should you play if you want to feel like a complete ***? One word: BULLETSTORM.

The Dick jokes are a little much, but its killer fun XD

I just picked this game up recently, and I'm never going back to another FPS again (ok that's a lie, but its wicked fun). Instead of a generic by-the-numbers campaign of stop and pop moments, where the only difficulty comes from Veteran mode, Bulletstorm abandons that for a different type of difficulty. Yes, some of the challenges in the game are insanely hard (like 2 decapitations with one Flail Shot), Bulletstorm wants you to focus on your creativity. When approaching a combat situation, there's always about 5-7 things you can do to get a higher score or receive a brutal form of satisfaction for blowing off a guys balls. Be right back, I have a planet to save, LIKE A BOSS. 


Well, there's my three emotions that I picked. There's many more, but I think I'll go with these for start. I need to get cracking on my 30\30! 

If you have any good emotions and games, please leave them in the comments!


Fox, out.