First off, I wish to applaud BlackHeartedWolf for taking upon this huge task. Not too long ago he did a massive blog segment called 30/30, where over the course of 30 days he outlined the 30 games that made the most impact on his life. So I tip my hat to you, Wolf. 

Now, onto who really matters, me 

 For me, I write because there are no boundraries. No other entertainment medium can allow me the complete freedom of imagination that a blank Word document can give. Movies and music are pre created for the viewer/listener. Video Games may allow some freedom, especially in Open World games or even more so in creators such as Little Big Planet or Joe Danger. However, there is always a pre-set line that you can push, bet never break.

Writing takes all of that and turns it on its head.

 When I write a story, I can turn it however I want. Let’s say I’m writing a Space Epic in light of Mass Effect. I get to decide whether or not the General is actually a violent alien in disguise, a deity, or a the main characters lost Father. With writing, there is no boundaries.


 That is why I write.


 Where I am:

 Well, being an unemployed (for now, actually I’m in the process of applying for a job at Active) teenager, and the fact that my only writing merits is my GIO blogging, I’m just a high-school student who’s trying to cut his teeth in the huge world where only the best of the best triumph. I guess a merit I have is the fact that I am a Sophomore in Honors English 3, a class reserved for juniors and intelligent Sophomores.

I’m not what you call a “go-getter”. I missed a lot of meetings, auditions, and application submits. On the other hand, every time I read my schools newspaper, I groan with the huge amounts of grammar errors and the general botching of the Art of Writing 

Where I want to be: Like most people on this Website, I wish to be a Gaming Journalist. This isn’t because I want early access to games like Batman: Arkham City, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, or The Old Republic. I want to take my two favorite things on the planet and have them smash together for the best possible job ever. I want to be the person behind the story which breaks and sends the world into a frenzy. I want to be universally respected like Andy McNamara is. I want my opinions to mean something to a huge audience. I may dream big, but nothing is impossible. 

It’s safe to say that all people really want in the world are three things: Respect, Affection, and Happiness. With those three things, nothing can stop you. Affection from a loved one is the greatest feeling possible. Respect from peers and readers makes you feel on top of the world. Happiness…well, that speaks for itself. Whatever makes you happy, go for it.

Well, that just about sums up me. Check out my bio for a deeper story on how I got started gaming. I’m ready to Cut my Teeth, Wolf. Bring on the challenges.