We've all felt it. When something tugs at our hearts a little strong and we shed a tear or two. Or, maybe you just got a gut feeling. Emotional moments in gaming come up frequently, and now with high-production value games, telling the stories are now on-par with any Hollywood motion picture. Before we delve deeper into this, I must say, SPOILER ALERT, as some of the moments are, in fact, spoilers.

I am a firm believer in the idea that a heartstrung moment in gaming is more impactful than in other media, such as movies. As sad I got when Andy gave away Woody in Toy Story 3, it was nothing compared to the Death of John Marston. Why is that? I was merely watching these Toys romp around for about an hour and a half and didn't feel too attached to them, but after investing 40 hours into the long, winding tale of John Marston and truly learning his identity made me stare at my TV for minutes after the shocking turn of events.

Other movies attempt what only video games can accomplish. If the reason games are so more emotional than movies is because of length, then why not make the movies longer? That's a good idea, and it works in some cases like the Lord of the Rings. However, Avatar, as groundbreaking as it was, felt like it was dragging on longer than it should've just to tell a story all the way through.

Saddness isn't the only emotion one feels in games. When I kept punching Zeus in God of War 3, I felt a feeling of rage overtake me. Why? Because I know the problems Kratos had to deal with, and he got to the source and was beating the living *** out of it. Everything i was pissed off at suddenly disappeared as the screen slowly became saturated with the God's blood. You can try all you want, but violent movies are too cheesy in my opinion to evoke the emotion of rage like a video game only can.

Indiana Jones? I'll take Uncharted. The Godfather? Grand Theft Auto has a better crime tale. The feeling of being a part of what is taking place on screen is truly mind-blowing, especially at this time where games are becoming Hollywood blockbusters. I'm not stating I think movies can't evoke emotion, but games really make that emotion hit home.