Alright so this is my personal prediction for a plot in the new arkham asylum. Leave your own predictions in the comments section.

So I think, only a couple of hours in the game Two Face gets ahold of your radio headphone thing & tells you that he stormed your manor & haas captured alfred (yes its a trap, but what choice does batman have)

On your way there you pass one of those massive tvs in the downtown district of Gotham & who else but the joker is showcasing his iinsanity by rigging a apartment complex full of explosives. He would tell batman that he has thirty minutes to come to Joker or he would blow it up.

Since theres no possible way to make it to both you would have to choose wheteher you would do what the actual batman would do or would you take your personal interest for alfred & save him. On your way to  whoever you're saving batman would contact the police to go opposite & of course they would fail.

This would affect the rest of your gameplay throughout one campaign & would also haunt the Bat about his failure to save both the people & his fatherlike figure.


Sounds far fetched? Yes

Would it be effin awesome though? For sure