• You start with 100 points, you can bet ANY number of points you have except for numbers with decimal places.
  • If I bet 50 and I win I will get 50 points and have 100, If I lose I will have 0 points.
  • If you lose all your points, then its the skip a turn kind of rule and then one maatch later you will be back in but you only get 20 points after you have lost the original 100 free points.
  • Games will consist of what ever the hell I say they consist of. Mostly team matches though.


MATCH: SSB - N64                                                                  

Stock Battle: 5

Samus VS Fox

Location: The first



It was so weird to watch at the start... gets better though.



Special Items Won:


Night: 200 

MBP: 0

The Illest Villan: 100 

Reck: 200 

PMC: 150 

MatsudaTohu: 200 

TBBucs20: 50 


FallenSamurai: 55

suinicide the curry ninja: 75