Ninja Lord - Night

Warlord - MBP
Shogun - xD 7ravis

ANBU - Reck
Legendary Weapon Smith - PMC

Ranger - TBBucs20
Propaganda Artist - The Illest Villan
Gate Keeper - Skullmanic
Ramen Shop Owner/Operator - Makin_A_Rukus
General of the Roflcopter airforce - The Roflcopter
Mech Commander - Lawlwaitwhat
Captian- CFH



Nickname = Your screen name

Channel = #GIOC

TNC Casino

This is the official HQ of the Terror Ninja Clan or TNC. MBP, Travis, Reck and PMC are the high ranking officers of this clan. This clan is focused on military enforcement and having a good time :D.

We are a happy bunch but dooshbagery will not be tolerated. Every one is welcome until stated otherwise. Basic GIO rules apply here and on top of that the "Spartan Death Kick" or SDK can be used to shame a user/member for their dooshbagery. Only high ranking officers can initiate a SDK and must have approval from at least one other officer.

Dooshbagery will not be tolerated.

SDK'ed users/members.

- William Noble
-The Shadow
- Wesley Ratliff
- Colton
- chickensandwich


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