So im sick, and am going to bed early but I dont want to be a sissy, so im staying up a bit longer. But then I got bored, So I thought about what 7ravis was asking before and what I had made in the first palce.

Look im doing a Saint. I mean no disrespect Saint I love your blogs and your ramblings.

[Doing a Saint is rambling in your blog before you get to the part where you actually say something relevant to the point of the blog]

And here I go. I wanted to have something like a mod or staffs blue thingy-ma-jig around their avatar so I got creative with paint and made this. (Yes I know they are out of proportion, im not bent on getting these its just for fun)

R.O.T Stands for Reign Of Terror, Because thats how I roll. Then 7ravis wanted me to make him one, then I got bored and made one lol. Then I thought about other users I personally value as a friend. None other than PMC. I was stumped with PMC's so its not as personal as mine or 7ravis's. Ill work on it for you PMC.

And to my point, Maybe one day will us users, the dedicated ones get something like this? Should we? should we not? I dont see why not, I mean if we hang around on GIO for long enough and become intgeral parts of the community should we not get something silly like this to say "Hey ive been here a long time and this is what im known for"

I really dont care if this happens because ive already made it and I think its cool. But imagine the day when you see a comment by Night, with R.O.T on it and you go yup thats Night... then think to yourself a bunch of swears directed at me.