In my quest to discover what a nerd truly is, I hit a wall. But then I got moving again.

Its come to my attention that there are three groups of interest. Nerds, Geeks and noobs, But we allknow what noobs are so lets move on. The terms Nerd and Geek are not actually 100% applicable anymore so fear not, being called a Nerd or Geek actually shows how stupid the person calling you that is.... Which was me a little while ago.

Credit goes to jpow11 and his magical link.

Is LARPing a nerd or geek thing? Or just weird...



A 'nerd' is someone with an extremely intense interest or fascination in an academic field of study (often an obscure field). Being a nerd is typically associated with intellect, as they often enjoy specialising in complicated fields of study. Nerds may also have difficulties socialising with others, as many tend towards being introverted. This may cover a broad range of interests, from movies to games (video and table-top), to more practical skills such as computer science. Nerds often have gained a strong and diverse skill set from their studies and experiences, which may at times, be unorthodox or impractical.


A 'geek' is someone with an interest or lifestyle having to do with very niche activities. It is not uncommon for a geek to be capable of reciting large amounts of knowledge that are unintuitive, intriguing and at times, just plain disturbing. Geeks can vary in their interests, from fun and sometimes even frivolous things, to heavily technological interests. Geeks often have gained vast amounts of knowledge and are capable of reciting them in a very succinct (or long-winded) manner. The knowledge could be anywhere from the mundane to 'living encyclopedia' status.

Why does this always happen to me!?

As gamers we pretty much fall under both of these categories.

Nerd = passionate about what they do. Gamers are generally very passionate about their games and consoles.I read an article on Gamespot a while back but couldn't find it.

Basically a guy woke up when a thief broke in and stole his newly purchased PS3, the guy then grabbed his katana and chased the thief down the road in his PJ's and recovered his PS3. I would have done the same.

Geeks = Full of knowledge on so called subject. Do you know every sniping spot on that map? every item available in the game? the best line to take on every track?  Most of us have at least 1 game where we could play in our sleep with no problems what so ever. Maybe not in our sleep but you get the picture.

The terms Nerd and Geek are outdated, although still used by some. In today's world, Nerd and geek are reasonably vague terms in some respect. There's been a surge of words to specifically point out what your major interest is. "Gamer" incorporates both nerd and geek's meanings but is still something different in itself.


Alas, you read this all to find out your still a gamer. LOL