So if you read my Blacklisted blog you will know things have gotten shity for me. If you havnt and want to read it heres a link (Im really just having fun putting links everywhere now that I know how)

Anyway I woke up today and was feeling pretty crap, lately I havnt been sleeping very well and I end up waking up later and then forcing myself to go to the gym.  But thats not whats really bothering me (Its not helping mind you) I went to Work and Income today to see if I could get a benifit so I could buy some new shoes and some new games lol.  But the man at the reception said I has to call some number and arrange an apointment.

Well that seemed all fine and dandy until I went into EB Games. Yup I went back there, they are the only place around here that sells GI's magazine and I really want to start getting them.  So I went in and Frank and Debbie where there.  It was kind of awkward because I didnt really want to be there but I think Frank wanted to have a good old chat about games.

I wasnt really in the mood, I just wanted to get my magazine and get out of there.  So thats what I did and it was weird as hell.  Then I skated home desperate to be somewhere I can read in peace.  I got home and skimmed through the magazine with the thought of calling the Work and Income people about my benifit.

After skimming through and seeing a picture that I thought was Ang from Avatar (The cartoon not the movie) then realizing it was actully some sort of creature from BioShock (My bad) I rang the number on the card I got given.  The line was busy so I gave Work and Income the old F-U and jumped on my laptop to spread more joy in the form of comments, blogs and general ramblings.

Then I realized this must be the part in my life where things are crap like really crap, crappier than all the other crap times.  So im just doing my usual, going with the flow and asuming things will get better.

I just realized im going to have to go back into EB Games on Thursday (Its Tuesday here because im in the future) And get Heavy Rain.  hopefully it wont be so awkward.