Revelations recently came out on the consoles. So I replayed it on my trusty 3DS. This game....It. is. AMAZING. A must buy for anyone. Revelations did everything right. Tight gunplay, the best plot in an RE, an epic musical score, scares, and everything else in what a current generation RE should be. This game hands down deserves a 9.5 but I'll tell you why.

Revelations takes place during the time frame between 4 and 5 but not much leads into both other than some plot points like the formation of the BSAA. So newcomers can come in and still be surprised. It does reference Jill's previous adventures though. Going on, Jill and her partner Parker Luciani are sent to a drifting cruise ship, the Queen Zenobia, to find Chris, where his last position was traced there. Turns out, ZOMBIES! DUN DUN DUN! Infected members of the crew attack Jill and Parker while scanning a pistol they found. From then on they explore the ship to find Chris. The crew was mutated by a virus made from the T-Virus called the T-Abyss virus where the mutation is more aquatic and sea life type. So expect zombies to appear like sea life. As it turns out, Chris is actually with his partner Jessica finding intel on Veltro. (Note: This switch happens in the beginning of the game. This is only minor spoilers). So Jill and Parker are left to investigate the ship for Veltro. What happens next is a plot filled with twists and 3 playable characters to see sides of the stories and a world revealing plot. Sometimes not pretty. The story line is well written. I ACTUALLY cared for the characters and what they had to go through. I couldn't predict the story either. I was expecting this but then something else happened. Story lovers will enjoy Revelations' plot. The story is about 9-15 hours long which is pretty huge. So expect to be on this game for awhile. And the replay value. Yea....Your friends aren't gonna see you for awhile.

^Jill and her partner, Parker.

^Chris and Jessica while in their other mission. 

The gameplay is fantastic. RE never felt so fun but scary to play. I actually had to watch my ammo, the enemies, and my aim all at the same time. The gameplay has something that makes you NOT want to die. But in a literal sense where it's an actual need for survival. Ammo is constantly running low and herbs are a must but uncommon. The enemies are the best I have seen in an RE game. They walk erratically and have actual zombie-like attacks. They wanna claw you and eat the side of your throat. Unlike the Ganado's and Majini. Jill will encounter various enemies but the most common are the Ooze.

The Ooze will swarm you and take quite a lot of bullets. I had to waste a clip and a half and that was headshots and on Normal difficulty. They come in different forms. The most common is the one pictured. They grab and bite, claw, and swarm. There are three other versions. One with scythe-like claws that can do more damage and have slightly higher defense, a suicide type one, and one that shoots bones at the player. This game also marks the return of Hunters from the classic RE's. Enemies WILL overpower you starting the game and can be quite difficult. Trust me even on Casual. Try going through Casual without using any herbs. Yea.... The game is NOT Co-Op for the main story. Which I like. Nothing scarier than seeing an Ooze drop down from a vent looking at you saying "Hi, let me feed on your neck. Nom Nom". Also this RE has a dodging system. A well timed flick of the circle pad has Jill dodging under a swipe and redirecting the monster. A great way to run away and flee.      

Finally, I'll discuss the extra mode called "Raid Mode". Conceptually, it's a version of Mercenaries but it isn't survival. You play sections of the campaign and complete a goal. You can play these with a friend, or alone. Raid Mode has A LOT of replay value. I spent 25 hours on it. It also has a loot fest where you collect guns, equip parts, discard them, get some more, use those and just be some gun collector. Each stage is fun to play and has some type of boss enemy. Also Raid has a leveling system, and a shop to buy parts and weapons. The leveling system is handled where you kill enemies and gain EXP and level up when you finish the stage and have enough. Obviously high level enemies murder you without breaking a sweat. So level up and kill every enemy. It also has multiple characters from the story. They also have their own stats. An example, Jill is a master with Handguns and Machine guns, she shoots them faster and reloads faster. Chris is great with Shotguns and Rifles. So he reloads faster. Some characters also have physical attack boosts, better dodging, and health regeneration.

(Note: The console version has two extra characters. Rachel, a random FBC member you find dead in the early hours of the game, and HUNK. Yea HUNK. The unstoppable force from RE2.)

That wraps up this review. So the final verdict? 9.5. It's a well done game. Everything about it is just perfect. I can't find any complaints other than the dodging which is alittle buggy and fails at times. It's near perfect though. So that's the end of my review. Hope you guys enjoyed, again comment and rates would help if you want more.