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SWTOR Smuggler Guide to Leveling, Skills & Builds, Equipment and PvP

Looking for a SWTOR Smuggler Guide? One of the most immersive games of this generation is the Star Wars: The Old Republic. If you have just started the game with the Smuggler, a SWTOR Smuggler Guide will make it extremely easy for you to get the best out of your class. The Smuggler has a whole host of different ranged, melee and other attacks which can be used in order to play the game in a better way.

Why not take a look at this mastery guide? Getting to level 50 with the help of our SWTOR Smuggler Guide is very easy, and you will be able to master the class of the Smuggler effortlessly. Visit: SWTOR Smuggler Guide - Swtor Secrets.

We all know that the majority of people will be playing Sith Warriors or Jedi Knights in the new Star War the Old Republic MMO, but you shouldn't overlook the Smuggler class. The Smuggler is basically the rogue class for SWTOR. He isn’t the type of fighter that would become the middleman in a heated battle. This just proves that he calculates his moves because he’s a great tactician. The Smuggler doesn't wear heavy armor and can't take the punishment a Jedi Knight can but, they are very sneaky and have more than a few tricks so they don't have too. Just like the Jedi Consular and the Trooper, the Smuggler gets from a resource pool rather than generating it like the Jedi Knights; this pool is referred to as Energy. A smuggler’s Energy can be depleted quickly so there is a need to assess the battles that you engage into.

When you play the Smuggler you have two advanced classes to choose from, the Scoundrel and the Gunslinger.

Scoundrel -.Unlike the Gunslinger which focuses on ranged combat, the Scoundrel focuses on two completely different things – healing and stealth abilities.The Scoundrel’s Sawbones talent tree allows the Smuggler to be a full-fledged healer. This class can heal dungeons and in PvP quite effectively. Here’s its 2 subgroups :

1. Scrapper - This uses stealth, and focuses on burst and close-mid range damage to enemies.
2. Sawbones - this subclass focuses on its healing abilities, 100%.
Class Role: Heal, Damage
Weapon: Blaster Pistol, Scattergun
Armor: Medium
Resource: Energy
Skill Trees: Sawbones, Scrapper, Dirty Fighting

Gunslinger - The Gunslinger is the Smuggler’s ranged specialization. IF you want to play a purely ranged DPS class, either in PvP or PvE, the Gunslinger is a great choice. This particular class dual-wields hand blasters and both talent trees it possesses emphasize long-ranged combat. This also has 2 sub-groups, the Sharpshooter and the Saboteur.

1. Sharpshooter - This deals high damage on a single target.
2. Saboteur - this focuses on explosives, advance technologies, mobility, and Area of Effect.
Class Role: Damage
Weapon: 2 Blaster Pistols
Armor: Medium
Resource: Energy
Skill Trees: Sharpshooter, Saboteur, Dirty Fighting

I like the Smuggler class a lot. Seems like a really flexible class and with proper equipment and training, it makes hell of a DPS. The Smuggler class isn't for everyone, but if you enjoy being sneaky and out smarting your opponent then they might be right for you.

To get a complete guide on how to improve SWTOR Smuggler skills, please visit: SWTOR Smuggler Guide.


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