Hello readers! The more I think about Anthem, BioWare's new "Online Multiplayer Role-Playing Game," the less confidence I have in it. It seems like a game that is two years too late. As I see EA and BioWare's name get dragged through the dirt and the player count for Destiny 2 diminish everyday, I cannot help but feel that there is no place for Anthem in this post-Battlefront 2 world. It is based on a model that people loved, and now love to hate. In this blog, I will be discussing how Anthem is already a failure.

1.) People are Tired of Destiny

The most important reason for Anthem's existence is the success of Activision and Bungie's Destiny. The hype for the first Destiny was immeasurable, so much so that it was impossible for the game to meet that hype. Nevertheless, the game, at least from a business standpoint, was a great success. It was one of the most successful franchise debuts in gaming history, and paved that way for Bungie's "10 year plan". Not only does EA WANT to make a competitor to Destiny to take a piece of the "Online Multiplayer Role-Playing game" pie, it is their DUTY to their shareholders to be a profitable as possible. The problem lies here, gamers are already tired of the Destiny/Division model. While Destiny did amazing in sales throughout it's lifetime as well as all of its expansions, Destiny 2 has not been so lucky. I am not blaming the XP scandals either, where players were given less XP than deserved, it is just that players are tired of the Destiny grind. Ubisofts The Division is very similar to Destiny too. While it had amazing day one sales (enough to make Ubisoft want to make a live action movie set in the same universe), its grind was heavily criticized. While many Division players say the game has made a great quality improvement, the player count is still very low. In conclusion, I do not think there is a large amount of demand to justify Anthem's existence.

2.) BioWare Ruined Mass Effect for this

Bold statement right? I can say, without a doubt, that Anthem was directly related to the quality of Mass Effect Andromeda. The way I see things, Mass Effect Andromeda was in the the way of BioWare completely focusing on Anthem. This explains the rushed production and the lack of post-launch content that common for BioWare games. The sooner Mass Effect Andromeda is released, then the sooner Anthem is released, and sooner the "Online Multiplayer Role-Player" genre can be captured before it goes away (which is soon!). As EA stockholders saw the success of Destiny rise and rise, the more they wanted a game like that, a money making machine. Like most things in the gaming industry, the more business decisions that undermine the creative ones are made, the worse the final product ends up becoming, and the worse sales become, but the more money is saved so they end up profiting more anyway. What I am trying to say is, Anthem will be stripped of all excess creativity and will get the bare minimum support, like Mass Effect Andromeda... and Battlefront 2.

3.) "We hear you loud and clear, so we're turning off all in-game purchases."

That quote was taken from General Manager of DICE, Oskar gabrielson. I feel that the controversy around Battlefront 2's microtransactions was a build up of industry backlash. Players were tired of paying $60 and getting what feels like a free-to-play pay-to-win game in return. While I did write a blog a while back on how DLC and microtransactions are good (Which I highly suggest everyone read) I cannot help but feel that Anthem will be a "Microtransaction trap" similar to what Battlefront 2 tried to be. Comparing Anthem to Battlefront 2, is like comparing Destiny to Call of Duty, everyone has their opinions about the microtransactions on those three established franchises, and I think we can all make some conclusions about what Anthem will end up becoming. I am predicting it now, people will have a big enough problem with Anthem's microtransactions that it will affect sales, similar to Battlefront 2.

4.) Make a Problem, Sell the Solution

I think the biggest issue, though, will be the promise that the next game/expansion will solve whatever problem is most prevalent, while causing another one. The first Battlefront had the problem of not having enough content and having maps and heroes be locked away behind DLC. DICE and EA tried fixing that with free DLC, but a pay-to-win model. Everyone bought it, they thought Battlefront 2 would be a lot better than the first, but it was not. It solved one problem by making one completely new and worse one. Furthermore, Battlefront  is not even fun to play, the player does not feel mas rewarded as compared to Call of Duty. Anthem will have some problem that will be "Fixed in the next expansion", Similar to Destiny, but on the scale of EA greed.

Anthem has a hard road in front of itself. Between a dying fanbase, a ruined reputation, and a list of reasons to not trust EA, this game will not be as successful as EA wants it to be in Q1 2019. Not all hope is gone, there might be a way to win back all of the people that gave up on Destiny, a lot of this game is still not known yet. Even if this game is a commercial failure, EA still has EA Sports and Battlefield. This will not be the dagger that kills EA, maybe BioWare, but it will take more than this flop to bring down the microtransa-KING. Whatever happens, whether the game does great and everyone is happy, or the game fails and everyone learns a lesson, the industry will be better for it.

I really hope you enjoyed this blog. Comment below how you feel about Anthem, do you think it will perform well? Are you hyped for this game? If you enjoyed this blog please give it a like, subscribe to my blog, follow me on Xbox as SWAD42 to see what I am playing these days. Thanks for reading!