Grand Theft Auto is a great franchise that almost everyone has played. You either love it or you don't (but you still play it).  After the release of GTA IV some fans were disappointed in the more realistic direction Rockstar went with. While at the same time others enjoyed the feel of the game. As for my opinion I would say I'm in the middle. I love Vice City and San Andreas for the crazy, over the top gameplay, but I never really cared that much for the characters and the story of those games. GTA IV flipped that all around. If I want to play through a great story with great characters I'll play IV.

Grand Theft Auto V looks to be headed in the same direction as the last one. With a new game there will certainly be new features that make it more realistic. But there is that fine line between realistic and too realistic. After all this is still a game and it's for entertainment purposes. So I was thinking of some bad features Rockstar could add to the game to make it more realistic.


1. Driving laws

No more driving through town like a mad man at 100mph. No more driving on the sidewalk because there's less traffic. Every time you drive faster than the speed limit you run the risk of a cop chasing after you. Same would go for driving through red lights. You would also need to make sure you have your left or right blinkers on while you make turns. Just thinking about having a speed limit in a GTA game makes me cringe.


2. Cars Need Gas

You would have to keep up with how much gas you have in your tank of each car you drive. Feel like tackling a new mission in the main story? Better make sure your new Infernus has enough gas to get the job done. Every car you jack will have a different amount of gas in it. With this being a GTA game the fuel prices are surely to be through the roof! Maybe you could take over the different gas stations around the city and start earning a profit from those. This feature might happen someday, but I think it would get old fast.


3. Have to go to the Bathroom

Every few hours you would have to make a pit stop to relieve your character. Got a big mission coming up? You might want to hold off on eating at Cluckin' Bell. You don't want your character doing the potty dance while you're robbing a bank.


4. Backpack for all of your weapons

(Where does Niko keep that thing?)

The main character would carry around a huge backpack with all of their weapons in it. Plus it would make your character move slower because of the weight. I mean you have to put your pistols, shotguns, RPG's, and grenades somewhere. Either carry it all with you in your bag or leave most of your weapons at your safe house.


5. Have to sleep a certain number of hours

No more staying up all night watching Republican Space Rangers for you mister. Your character needs to get his eight hours of sleep in every night. If you don't then your character will be forced to take naps during the day. You don't want to fall asleep at the wheel as you're being chased by the cops for not stopping at that stop sign.