*Spoiler Alert* This blog does not contain any actual spoilers from video games. *End of Spoiler Alert*

We've all been there. A game has recently been released that you are excited for, but for some reason you are unable to pick up the game on day one. You don't have the money, you're car is in the shop, Grandma needs help with something or if you're like me you're console is broken. Either way, something comes up and you are missing out on an experience that others are already enjoying. In a matter of seconds the internet will be filled with juicy plot moments from the game and if you're not careful you will be....Spoiled!

Information gets passed around fast these days with services such as forums, blogs, Facebook, and Twitter just to name a few. So you need to protect yourself. I'm just going to talk about forums and blogs mostly since that's where I go to to talk video games.

Now there is this thing called "poster courtesy" or "courtesy posting" where a user puts *Spoiler Alert* before discussing major plot points in a game. This is to keep the reader that hasn't played or finished the game from seeing information they don't want to see. It's a very nice thing to do and will keep you protected from anyone saying you ruined the game for them. Everyone has been spoiled at least once in their life and what is the usual reaction? Rage! A storm of anger rushing through your veins towards the jerk that didn't put *Spoiler Alert* in his or her post to warn you before hand.

Is this reaction accurate? Probably yes, but is it right to be angry at that person? I'm afraid not.

Over the years of posting on forums I've seen many users attack another user for not putting the *Spoiler Alert* tag in their post. It's understandable that you are upset for having the game ruined for you, but you can't blame it on that person. Now I'm talking about when you go to a thread in a forum where the subject is to discuss a certain game. Such as a thread for Skyrim or Uncharted. Same goes for blogs where the poster makes it known right away what game they are talking about. Not when you're in a sports forum and some random user posts the ending to Uncharted. Those users are trolls and need to be crushed and devoured as soon as possible.

If you haven't played/finished a game and you decide to go into a thread discussing it you are taking a big risk. I think relatively everyone understands that posting spoilers is frowned upon, but that doesn't mean they're not allowed to. It's not a user's responsibility to put the *Spoiler Alert* tag in their post. You're in a thread discussing a certain game. People should be able to discuss everything about that game in there without worrying that a user will come after them with fire and pitchforks. Putting that tag in your post is appreciated and usually encouraged in communities, mainly to cut down on conflict, but it's not necessary. If you care about a game enough that you would be upset if it was spoiled to you then it's really your own fault for going into those threads or blogs. So don't take it out on the person that posted the information.

This is just meant towards people that feel like you have to put the *Spoiler Alert* tag or you are breaking some kind of law. I've run into a number of users that believe a person should be punished if they discuss plot points in a game without posting that tag first. In which I proceed to laugh in their face. So if this happens to you sometime in the future please don't take it out on the poster. Just realize that you messed up for putting yourself in that situation and move on. Besides, they didn't force you to read their post.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

Happy posting! :)