Ladies and Gentlemen we are now done with the first day of the new forums. I really must tip my hat to the GI-Staff as they did a great job. What's even better is Andy has been assuring us that this is only the beginning and I must say I have had to change my pants every time he has said that. I can't wait to see what this place is like two weeks from now haha.

       Now I know some people are not really digging the new forum, mostly just the members from the old forum which I can see why. I was blown away at how sharp and professional looking the site looked........until I got to the forums. I'll be honest I had my fingers crossed in hope that the "new" forums would look exactly like the "old" forums. Although what's the fun in that. Only a couple of hours in and I was already getting use to it. Some people may say that the forums don't have the sense of "community" like the old forum did. However, when you take into consideration the Blogs, User Reviews, Guides, Activity, Favorites plus future add-ons I can see this place having even more of a "community" feel than the old forum. Of course that's up to us.

      Really though I can't complain. I'm so happy I was able to be a part of this. I remember how I use to wish I could have been there in 2003 when the old forum started up. Now I get to do that and watch this place grow from the start. Cheers to you all :)

Now for some fun music.