Before I start this blog I just want to say that this is NOT a blog insulting nintendo but a blog saying where I think they screwed up again this is my opinion and no one elses.

I have been thinking about the future of nintendo for a while now and after the sales failure of the WiiU I just can't see how they are going to make a comeback. I have been a fan of nintendo since I was a kid I played pokemon all the time gamecube was a huge part of my childhood and the Wii was my first (it feels weird to say this) last gen console. But even though the Wii was a HUGE success with the WiiU nintendo seems to have basically doomed themselves and has left me thinking one big question: What Is Nintendo's Future? Will nintendo turn out like sega or will nintendo regain its footing with a new idea and form a niche in the market again like it did with the original Wii?


Now for the main part of this blog: What I think nintendo did wrong. I think nintendo's failure really started (suprisingly enough) with the realease of the Wii back then since sony and microsoft where slowly killing nintendo off nintendo's best chance was to shift its focus and become a family oriented system blurring the lines between casual and hardcore gamers. Sadly even though the Wii was a huge success it came with a few problems for nintendo's future some problems that could very well lead to nintendo's downfall in the near future:


1. Wii was not HD unlike the Ps3 and Xbox360 so graphically nintendo was at a disadvantage and the wiiU was left to trying to catch up graphically to the Ps3 and Xbox360 because of this when the ps4 and XboxOne came out it left WiiU with a rather important disadvantage.




2. Wii's controller lost the mainstream design after that design choice was made it became to difficult for nintendo to go back on sadly the wii's motion control was doomed to be a fad more than anything else so when WiiU used the same controller in addition to an annoying touchpad controller the WiiU and Nintendo where just trying to succeed off of a past (I guess I could say) craze.

3. Finally (and this is in my opinion one of nintendo's bigger problems) nintendo never took advantage of online like sony and microsoft without achievments/trophies, competitive online games and third part support that comes from good online the Wii and WiiU lost a large chunk of gamers.

Again these are just my opinions and I might have wrote them down slightly confusingly. If you have any more to add please comment below.