Hello there. Almost no normal people have had the guts to write a thread/blog/video about what is your most hated entertainment company up until now. This isn't limited to video game companies, it can also be TV companies, Movie companies, Magazines based off video games, TV's, and movies, or even stores based off video games companies, TV companies, and movie companies. I would recommend narrowing it down to one if you can, but if not possible, try to make as small as a list possible of your most hated companies in order. Once you mention your most hated company, explain as much detail as possible. Either way, we will not disrespect your opinion and don't be afraid to tell us. Also, if you are lazy, but already explained it somewhere, make sure your reason is in another website made by your content. The only rules is that you must not break any forum rules. Now let's get started.

        I might be an Nintendo Fanboy (And I might not), but that doesn't mean I love every entertainment companies. As a matter of fact, my most hated company is no other then Cartoon Network. I don't even have to explain why here, here is the link to my reasons why I hate the company so much (Warning, lanugage may not be apporite for people under the age of thirteen): http://ssbfanblog.blogspot.com/2009/10/judgement-day-cartoon-network.html

        What is your most hated entertainment company?

        BTW, that picture above was for fun.