Nintendo seriously doesn't deserve the fanbase it has been cursed with.

Over the past year and a half, I have been noticing the system becoming more hated and hated as we go down the road. Not just from gamers too, professional editors, the media, and other video game company also hate the system with a passion. I call it a miracle that Nintendo actually gets respect once in awhile, because from what I can tell, it has not received enough.

Now before you Sony/Microsoft and former Nintendo fans jump me, I am not trying to prove it as a fact that the Wii is perfect, because no system is and this is no exception. I however, cannot no longer tolerate the hate Nintendo has received for the past fourteen years.

I think the massive amount of hate it received starting to come up in 1995 when Nintendo introduced the Nintendo 64, known then as the Nintendo Ultra 64. Sure the Sega Saturn was the laughing stock at E3 1995, but I think Nintendo was abused the most starting in the fifth generation. Nintendo is not the easiest company to tell them to change, but sticking to cartridges wasn't that bad of a deal. They lasted longer then DVD's, have a excellent durability rate, and don't require an box to put them in. But because Nintendo didn't want to change like the whole world, they were attacked by Sega/Sony fanboys who constantly insulted the system and so did the gaming media and video game companies. The result was terrible third-party support for the Nintendo 64. Now I got an Nintendo 64 instead. It's my favorite video game system because it introduced me to gaming as we know it. It had so many great first and second-party games that it more then justified the third-party support, and that's why it's an excellent system.

However, even when Nintendo changed to disc format, because they wanted a mini-disc format, once again, poor third-party support, bashing from the media and Microsoft/Sony fanboys, and insult all around. Sure this was Nintendo's worst console, but they at least tired. I think the one thing that killed the Nintendo Gamecube was when Rare transferred to Microsoft, but there are many reasons as well.

But those are NOTHING compared to the Nintendo Wii. Ever since it's annoucement, people have been making fun of the system, saying it was a Gamecube with a remote, saying it had no good games, had all the terrible games, and most fans even consider it the worst console Nintendo has ever made. Now I can understand some posts, but most are ridiculous. In fact, a few of them don't want Nintendo to learn from there mistakes, they want Nintendo to go third-party! If this does happen, I'll quit gaming. Nintendo brought me into the gaming world and they are not leaving this generation.

I'm worried that aside from a few true fans, Nintendo has nothing to fall on for core support. They have tired as much as they can, but no matter how many games they have that are awesome, I doubt they'll ever get the core fanbase back. And that's sad because Nintendo is one of the few childhood companies that still having lost their shine. Having to put up with negative Wii comments every day on the Internet, I wish we had a non-official holiday where gamers respect Nintendo for it's achievements because the company is that important to the gaming industry.

I'll make a list of site that are NOT bias towards Nintendo (Multi-platform websites):

1. Game Informers

2. 1UP

That's it. That's sad. It shows how much Nintendo is disrespected. I am so worried about Nintendo's future, I'm not sure if they'll survive this generation. Only time will tell if they live until there next console.