This week's episode of Half-Life Opposing Force is actually coming to you from a hotel room a couple hours from home. The wife and I are prone to taking road trips on the weekend and well, this one we went a bit further than what we usually do. But thankfully Opposing Force is old enough or my laptop is new enough (or a combination of the two) I was still able to play it tonight on my laptop. And play it I did. The 10th chapter is appropriately titled Foxtrot Uniform, which in military terms (in case you didn't know) translates to Effed Up. The title is fitting.

Chapter 10: Foxtrot Uniform

Details the fierce battle raging between the Race X creatures, the Black Ops contingent, including several snipers, and the remnants of the HECU in the last hours of the Black Mesa Incident. Adrian Shephard makes his way through the underground canals and sewers of Black Mesa, fighting through a Voltigore nest, and arrives at the hydroelectric dam featured in the first game. Here, a Gargantua has been trapped on top of the dam and several Marines are attempting to kill it. Shephard uses explosives to destroy the creature and leaves the area through the dam's exposed water pipes. (SOURCE: Half-Life Wiki)

Do you remember a chapter or two ago how I commented there wasn't a lot of combat in this game - that Gordon Freeman (a scientist) seemed to have a lot more combat engagements than Shepard (a soldier) did. Well forget I ever said that because this level was non-stop fighting. And it was tough.

You fight the black ops soldiers sent in to kill everybody and you fight all sorts of crazy alien creatures. I died and reloaded more times in this level than all of the other levels combined. It was brutal. You do find some cool toys to help you though including a very powerful "one shot one kill" sniper rifle. It doesn't quite kill everything with one shot, but many of the aliens drop with a single pull of the trigger. You also find a M-60 machine gun. It's pretty powerful too, but you don't find nearly enough ammo. This weapon chews it up and spits it out fairly quick. In the end though, it was most of the alien weapons that will really carry you through this level. I was running low on ammo for pretty much every weapon.

This level has a few interesting elements to it. There is a scene where you see the G-Man again. It's towards the end when you discover the Gargantua chained to the bridge, so it's easy to overlook him. I snapped a pic and even fired a few shots at him...but alas, he used one of the teleports and disappeared. According to the Wiki, it also marks where the Half-Life storyline ends. Interesting.

All in all, it was a long and challenging level - not as many puzzles this time around - just flat out fighting and surviving. There are so many dark areas full of these creatures that will kill you instantly, it was definitely not like the previous chapters. Speaking of chapters, there are only a handful left - two or three I think.

As always, I took plenty of pics!

(I don't think that's Tinkerbell.)


(Go Go Gadget Barnacle Grappling Hook.)


(All hands on deck.)


(Men in Black - and they are tough.)


(Say hello to my little friend.)


(In my defense, you shot at me first.)


(I think you might have a small termite problem.)


(They don't see me? Too bad - I see them!)


(I don't think you'll be needing that sniper rifle, so can I have it please?)


(Nice scope!)


(I don't think there are any Ninja Turtles down there.)


(Whose afraid of the dark? ME!)


(Crikey. I think I liked the darkness more.)


(So, here is what's hiding in the darkness. Notice I'm dead.)


(Ah, more darkness I see...)


(I don't think that's a Cadbury Egg.)


(Wait, aren't we under Black Mesa? Who is this guy and why wasn't anyone looking for him.)


(Clearly they've been down here awhile.)


(So close to the exit, yet so far away.)


(Some familiar helpers...only I thought they were dead.


(What's up buddies?)


(What...On...Earth...Is That...)


(Look who bails out when the going gets tough.)


(The easiest kill on this level. I'm TNT, I'm dynamite!)


(Oh hey look what was under that exact spot.)


(Riding the pipe of green sludge down to the next level.


Well, that's it for this episode. I hope you enjoyed it. I'll be back next week with the next chapter - The Package. Sounds mysterious. You have my attention.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.