Today is Saturday, which means it's time for another chapter in my quest to play through all of the Half-Life games. I'm currently on Half-Life: Opposing Force Chapter 6: We Are Not Alone. I commented last week I was curious what this meant and who I might encounter - and that was definitely answered with tonight's play through. Tonight's mission was very short, which couldn't happen at a better time. Due to some technical difficulties with the computer I normally play the game on, I had to install it on a different machine - and unfortunately all of my progress wasn't saved in the cloud. So, I used the command code to load the map, and I started without any of my weapons. Thankfully I didn't really need them. I found a shotgun early on and just made do with it.

Chapter 6: We Are Not Alone

It serves as a short interlude in the game with reminders of events from the original Half-Life. Arriving at the Lambda complex, Adrian Shephard sees Gordon Freeman being teleported to Xen. Shephard is also forced to travel through Xen to find a way out of the Lambda complex. (SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA)

I know I said this was a short episode, and it was. But something spectacular happened. I mean, like stop the presses, call the news, jump up and down and shout for joy - I SAW GORDON FREEMAN! The part where Gordon Freeman enters the portal that teleports him to Xen. Say what!?! It's true.

I actually reloaded this part a number of times. I was pretty sure I was supposed to follow Gordon Freeman - but that ultimately leads to your death - no matter how many times you try it, or try to do something different. You're treated to an interesting notification when you try this though. You can see it in the screenshots later in this blog. So, I gave up on that approach and tried exploring the area a bit. There isn't really anything else going on, other than energy from the portal going crazy and several of those flying creatures from who knows where trying to kill you. A different portal opens up and teleports you to Xen. It's creepy and beautiful at the same time. I see Gordon Freeman again. I also found a fallen scientist and a body dressed in a HEV suit that could be mistaken for Gordon Freeman. I ended up finding another portal which transported me back to the internals of what I am presuming is the Black Mesa Research Facility. The text, "Crush Depth" flashed on the screen indicating the end of a level and the start of a new level.

As always, I took some screen shots...


(Nice way to start a level - health and armor.  That's also a little concerning of what's coming.)


(OMG - that's Gordon Freeman!)


(...what is he doing?!?)


(...he just dove into that ball of energy. Wait for me Gordon, here I come.)


(This reminds me of that scene in Lost, where Charlie says, "Where are we?")

(...and yes, that's Gordon Freeman again.)

If you run quick enough, you can follow Freeman through the portal, but you will end up falling to your death in Xen and get the message that you were eliminated to prevent creating a paradox. Also, when entering Xen a filename, "C4A1TITLE", will appear as a title. This is because the game reuses the Xen map from Half-Life, and no chapter title is defined in Opposing Force's titles.txt file. This can be fixed by adding the missing entry to the file. (SOURCE: WIKIPEDIA)


(If you follow Gordon Freeman, you die every time - and get this message.)


(Am I hallucinating?)


(Is that Gordon Freeman? No it is not.)


(I hope if I die, I do so with a little more dignity than this.)


(The next portal took me here. Seems harmless enough. I guess we'll find out.)

See you back next week. Hopefully I'll have my computer fixed and the level is a bit longer.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.