Feeling kind of blah today. Not really sure why. Stayed up too late playing Titanfall? Probably. Anyway, I don't know about you...but whenever I need a pick me up, I turn to video game memes. How can you not laugh when you read some of these? The Internet is full of these - some more popular than others...and some revealing just how dumb some people are (if you're going to make a meme making fun of somebody or something, you may want to spell check). I've collected some of my favorites that made me chuckle tonight...and hopefully they have the same impact on you. I might even leave some comments why I chose these...I haven't thought that far in advance. I'll see after I get all of these images safely in the blog form. Fingers crossed I don't accidentally navigate away from this page. Doh! That's the worst.

Oh, and I'd love to give the creators credit for creating these fine works of art...but I don't think anybody ever really knows who makes memes...they just sort of appear, right?

(Hah. This was one of the first one's I saw tonight, and it made me LOL. Only a gamer would get it.)


(I hated those stupid Riddler trophies for this very reason. For my buddy Dean.)


(Sad but true. True that it happens - not that they really know my race, sexual orientation, etc.)


(LOL. Glad to see it wasn't just me who felt this way. Man, what a let down.)


(I actually think I mentioned this very thing in a blog before. It's happened far too many times.)


(YES! Nobody in my family does this but me. What's wrong with you people.)


(I think Indiana Jones movies have these same candles.)


(Team Fortress 2...and Battlefield 2...I'm looking at you.)


(...and dies from a punch to the face.)


(Haven't played the game, but watched several who have. It's one way to keep PETA happy.)


(And in BF2 you could use it as a weapon. Saves good guys - kills bad guys.)


(Me. You. And every other game. This is one of my favorites.)


(Not as funny as the previous one...but still pretty dang  funny.)


(True. So very true.)


(Now that I think about it...I think they make a pretty good point.)


(Tell me you weren't thinking Call of Duty when you read that.)


(Hah Hah...um, hopefully GI staff has a sense of humor. LOL.)


(Me, throwing a tantrum every time I play Titanfall.)


(Never give up...or make weak excuses.)


(Another theme I mentioned in a blog - how gamers look at real life and see video game settings.)


(Maybe not a meme, but still a cool image.)


(Up next, video game fail images...don't worry, I'm only kidding.)


Ah...I feel better already. And hopefully you do too.

Have great day or night (or both)...