There are fighting games, and then there are games that have fighting. You would expect a fighting game to have punching as a maneuver. Heck, most of them label a button or two (or more) the punch button, so of course they probably have really good punches. I'm thinking of games like Injustice, the recently released UFC, or even Super Punch-Out....or Smash Bros. Brawl if you prefer. Take your pick. But what about games that aren't necessarily from the fighting genre that allow you to show of your pugilistic skills? Those are the games I'm going to talk about I mention a few of my favorites.

Team Fortress 2 - Heavy

Some of you may recall I used to be a huge fan of Team Fortress 2 and while I don't really play it anymore I still love the game. From a game play perspective, the Heavy isn't one of my best characters -but as far as personalities and behind-the-scenes action, the Heavy IS one of my favorites. I think he is funny and likable, even if he is a big brute. In game, the Heavy is known for laying down suppressive firepower with the various chain guns he has in arsenal, but he also has his fists (and several items that he can wear over them, including Killing Gloves of Boxing and the Fists of Steel. I think I'd rather try to dodge incoming Gatling gun rounds than trying to dodge a Heavy swinging his fists at you. They're so powerful, sometimes you don't even have to be hit by them to feel their devastating effect.

Popeye (Video Game)

Do people still know who Popeye is? You know...the mumbling sailor who eats spinach and gets strong? His nemesis is a Brutus (I thought it was Bluto?), his girlfriend is Olive Oyl. Well, in the arcade game from 1982...Brutus chases you around the level while you try and collect hearts or musical notes. Every now and then, you'll grab a can of spinach, which gives you a temporary strength boost and you can go knock Brutus off the map for a few seconds. On some levels, there's even a punching bag and if you hit it at just the right moment, it will drop a barrel on the head of Brutus for extra points. Yes, it's an old game...I just remember grabbing that spinach, hearing  the Popeye jingle indicating I had a strength boost, and chasing Brutus around the map...hoping to catch him before it ran out. Good times.

Uncharted 3

One of my favorite scenes from Uncharted 3 - the game play from this bar fight scene in the beginning of the game is integrated seamlessly with a number of cut scenes making for an exciting and awesome sequence...

Nathan "Nate" Drake (Nolan North) and Victor "Sully" Sullivan (Richard McGonagle) enter a pub in London to meet with a man named Talbot (Robin Atkin Downes), who is interested in purchasing Nate's ring belonging to his ancestor Sir Francis Drake. Nate and Sully accuse Talbot of offering them counterfeit banknotes, and a fight ensues.

Nathan can throw a punch. He takes quite a few...but you can tell he's been in a scrap or two in his time. While the game is full of moments where you resort to hand to hand combat, the bar fight scene was quite memorable.

Worms Battleground

I've been praising Worms Battleground in several blogs here lately and I'm going to mention it again today. Each team has a number of worms with a full arsenal of weapons. The point is to destroy all of your opponent's worms while trying to keep yours alive. Well, one of the weapon types in your arsenal is the fire punch.

The Fire Punch is a cousin to the Dragon Ball weapon. When used, your worm ties a headband around its head and leaps straight up into the air, doing damage to whatever its fist encounters, as long as it is a worm (carving through terrain on the way). The terrain-carving feature can be useful in the escape of enclosure. It deals a damage of up to 30.

Thirty points of damage isn't much and if you use this attack and don't eliminate your opponent, there is a good chance you're a sitting duck the next time your opponent gets to move that worm. So, the fire punch is often used as a finishing move - and its perfect for that. As the description above states, your worm gets out a head band in preparation to execute the move. It's clever and funny...and is a great way to taunt your opponent. It's like the Karate Kid pulling off the Swan Kick!

Gears of War

While most of the examples so far haven't been too brutal as far as fists and punching goes, Gears of War fixes that with its vicious use of punching. In Gears of War, punching is often used as one of the execution moves, and several of them can be quite graphic. The Gears of War Wiki describes it like this:

The face-punch execution has returned from Gears of War 2, but this time with a twist. Much like the arm-rip, the player can repeatedly tap 'Y' to continually beat the enemy's face, earning extra xp every punch, approximately 9xp. Once the player has released 'Y' or the time limit has been met, the player grabs the victim's "collar" and then crushes the enemy's head with his/her fist, exploding it into a chunky mess of gore and viscera.

As bad as that might's worse watching / doing it in person. But it is a memorable punch, no doubt about it.

Last of Us

Speaking of brutal punches, who could forget The Last of Us and Joel's throat punch? This game is a lot like Uncharted in that you can melee attack a number of bad guys you encounter along the way...but punching a guy in the throat and collapsing him into a big ole ball of incapacitated bad guy is always a memorable (and somewhat shocking) punch.


Ah, the game that inspired this blog. If you're not familiar with the game, it uses a mechanism similar to Call of Duty's prestige feature that allows you to rank up again and again. Well, I'm in that stretch where you have to get x number of pilot executions to rank up (or regenerate)... And you do this by punching a doomed titan at just the right moment, which results in your Titan ripping the pilot out of the dying Titan and slinging them to their death. At the higher levels, you unlock a perk called Big Punch. It's not hard to punch in Titanfall, but it's truly a rewarding experience when you duke it out with a bad guy Titan...and you just trade punch after punch...and you land a really solid shot that dooms your opponent. The cherry on top is using your dash to charge them one final time, throwing a punch that rewards you with the ultimate "in your face" move.

I'm sure I could think of a few more, but I'd rather hear from you and any you might have in mind. I'm off to slug it out with some fellow Titans.