I had a busy Saturday out and about while trying to escape the heat. But when the sun finally set and everything started to cool down, it was time to continue my trek through Half Life: Opposing Force. Last week was a short mission but one that set the groundwork for the rest of the story. It also had a great ending, as Adrian Shepard, the 22-year old U.S. Marine Corporal sent into the Black Mesa Research Facility to kill the aliens and silence the witnesses, was left behind after the G-Man shuts the door on you as the rest of the Marines retreat from the facility. I was tempted to keep playing, but knew I'd be back this week.

Half-Life: Opposing Force (Chapter 4: Missing In Action)

Details Adrian Shephard's continued journey through Black Mesa in search of both his comrades and an alternative escape route after being abandoned at the extraction point. After battling Vortigaunts and traveling through a zombie-infested blast furnace, Shephard meets several other Marines from his company who have also been left behind. He joins forces with them as they try to escape from the facility. (SOURCE: Half-Life Wiki)

This was a challenging chapter. Not because of the enemies - there were only a few and they were fairly weak. But because of the puzzles you had to solve to navigate your way through the map. I would usually back track a bit and look around and discover I missed something. Nothing too exciting happens in this level, although it does have another exciting ending. You find another radio and learn a few of your squad members were also left behind. The level ends with you chatting with these fellow soldiers. It's an interesting conversation. You learn this seems to be your unit's first mission - which is a bit odd if you're part of some cleanup crew. All in all, it was a great chapter. The suspense continues to build and you're left wondering what's going to happen next.

As always, I took plenty of pictures and added commentary.

(And so it begins.)


(I don't see where to go. Oh wait, can I fit back there? I think I can.)


(Finders, Keepers.)


(Stuck again. Oh wait. I think I see a way out.)


(Pitch black. Let me turn on my NVG. Oh, so that's the source of that whooshing sound.)


(Water and electricity are not your friend.)


(A hop, skip and jump away.)


(Those fan blades are spinning around, and kill you in one hit.)


(Thankfully, this one has a few broken blades and an open hatch below it.)


(Out of the frying pan and into the fire.)


(What the heck is that.)


(I dunno, but it's dead now.)


(I think it pauses long enough for me to run through it. I hope.)


(I remember seeing this in the original Half-Life. Still looks creepy.)


(Stuck again. Dang. Well, let me see what happens when I light these explosives.)


(My lucky day. The explosion revealed this secret tunnel. Perfect.)


(This guy was alive when I found him. Told me he was left behind too.)


(Employee parking? Seriously? An underground parking garage for Black Mesa.)


(So dark in here. I think I see something.)


(Another pitch black hidden area - but this one is full of goodies, and a couple bad guys.)


(Let's just drive this baby on out of here.)


(Well, a heavy weapon drop can't be a good sign of what's to come.)


(Scientist over there hiding while his buddy was killed by that creature. What a wimp.)


(Stuck again. Until I realize there is a cable still dangling there...and I can climb it.)


(And there is the elevator car that fell. I wonder if that's the one from the first game?)


(Slippery when wet. Oh, and there is a live wire dangling in the water.)


(How did this water get in the ventilation duct?)


(Oh, that's how. No wonder the A.C. never seemed to work right.)


(This duct goes straight down into that green sludge. That can't be healthy to breathe.)


(Another fallen comrade.)


(Let's NOT Make A Deal. You can keep what's behind door #2.)


(I have a bad feeling about this.)


(Stuck again. Finally thought to lob a grenade in this room which had an explosive crate.)


(What on earth is happening to that scientist.)


(I can't tell if he is enjoying it or not.)


(DId my squad mates do this? Or aliens. Oh, look. A working radio.)


(Some familiar faces.)


(I need one of those. That would come in handy.)


(...and so ends the level.)


Next week...looks like I'll be playing Friendly Fire. I don't know if I like the sound of that, heh heh...I guess we'll see who fires on who first.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.