I was really looking forward to tonight because it's Saturday, which means it's time to play some more Half-Life: Opposing Force. I just started my play through of the game last week, and tonight I continued the adventures of Adrian Shepard, a 22-year old U.S. Marine Corporal sent into the Black Mesa Research Facility to kill the aliens and silence the witnesses, especially a scientist named Gordon Freeman.

Half-Life: Opposing Force (Chapter 3: We Are Pulling Out)

As the battle begins to favor the Xen aliens, Shephard realizes the military forces have been ordered to pull out.

Details Adrian Shephard's attempt to reach the HECU's extraction point to escape Black Mesa. He has first eye contact with the mysterious Race X that seems to be collecting humans for study in their world. Shephard reaches the extraction point, but is deliberately left behind due to the G-Man's actions. (SOURCE: Half-Life Wiki)


This was a great level, not because of any of the action, but because of some of the dialogue you hear, and because of the relationship between this game and the original Half-Life. I'm so glad I'm playing these through one after the other or else I might not have noticed some of the corresponding events and conversations. In this particular level, you see the radio operator who makes the announcement that Gordon Freeman overhears in the original Half-Life, which sort of puts the timeline of events in perspective. You also get to see the G-Man again...as he straightens his tie and looks at you smugly. This level was fairly short and there wasn't a lot of action, but it is definitely laying the foundation for what is sure to be a great story. I can't wait.

Oh, and I took pictures again...of course.

(Leaving already? We just got here.)


(End of the line. I think this is my stop.)


(The guys riding the other tram don't seem to know what's going on today. This isn't a drill.)


(Is that who I think it is? Can't say for sure.)


(The welcoming party...too bad for them I don't like surprises.)


(Oh, so they're going to bomb the place and this guy decides to vandalize the snack machine.)


(Here. Have a frosty beverage on me.)


 (BRB. Need to change my shorts. This guy was waiting for me. I didn't see him.)


(Ha, these guys were talking about IG-88. Some of you know who that is.)


(I think I could see his skeleton for a second.)


(I don't think they're slow dancing.)


(Grenades are messy but effective.)


(Hey, there's my ride. Wait for me guys! Wait for me!)


(Here is the radio operator making the transmission you intercept in Half-Life.)


(The soldier was roughing up this scientist.)


(The scientist couldn't take it and nearly passed out.)


(You? What are you doing here. Why did you shut that door on me? Do I know you?)


(I am definitely missing in action now. All my squad mates either left...or they're dead.)


Next week...looks like I'll be playing Missing in Action. Which seems quite appropriate since I was left behind by my squad. As I recall, the radio operator said the airstrikes were about to commence, so I'm sure I'll be heading further underground...

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.