I decided a while ago I was going to replay all of the Half-Life games starting with the first one and going through all of them one by one, start to finish. The main reason was to see how the games have aged over the years - whether they're still fun or are they too old and dated. If you've been following along (and I thank those of you who have been) then you know last week I finished the original Half-Life. So, this week (tonight) I started the next chapter in the series, Half-Life: Opposing Force.

Half-Life: Opposing Force (Incoming)

Half-Life: Opposing Force is a critically acclaimed expansion pack for Half-Life, developed by Gearbox Software and released by Valve Software on November 1, 1999. The expansion's single-player mode features the same setting as the original, with the twist that the player is cast not as Gordon Freeman, but as Corporal Adrian Shephard, a U.S. Marine. Shephard is sent into the Black Mesa Research Facility on an undisclosed mission, but things go wrong as he finds himself fighting for survival against government agents, Xen aliens and the mysterious Race X. (SOURCE: Half-Life Wiki)

I started the game and in no time things went downhill...and downhill fast. One second my squad is questioning whether this is a training mission and the next we're all fighting for our survival. It's odd, but cool, seeing the Black Mesa Research Facility again, only from a different perspective. What I find interesting about the marines being called in is they apparently didn't know what their mission was. Perhaps the squad leader did, but I don't think so. Adrian Shephard, the character you play as, finds a military radio very early in the first level, and your squad leader is telling you to pull out. As Shephard, you encounter a number of scientists, and there doesn't seem to be any animosity between you and them. In fact, the scientists seem to be rendering first aid to the injured soldiers. You also encounter aliens soon after landing. I played through the first level and took a lot of screenshots...and called it a night.

You can find the images with commentary here:

(Such an unusual splash screen.)

(A training mission he says.)

(That's no weather balloon.)

(That soldier over there is running from something.)

(You gotta give the scientists credit - they do try to save lives.)

(See what I mean.)

(I wouldn't lie to you.)

(I think this one is a goner.)

(Why would you poke it with a sharp stick?)

(Good thing I'm behind this safety glass, right?)

(After the things I've seen, I definitely need a clean suit.)

(My...what big hands you have.)

(Is this the new Barney...what a ***. He also heard rumors we're there to kill them.)

(Hey, is that what I think it is?)

(Oh...I thought it was a crowbar for a second.)

(Nice laser show, bro.)

(Can I get a wet cleanup on Aisle 1.)

(What the heck is that thing and why does it have yellow blood and guts?)

(Ouch. Talk about a hard landing.)

(I'm sure that blue stuff is bad.)

(Barney, don't touch that...)

(...electric fence. Sigh.)

(Oh well, at least I got a gun out of the deal.)

(A gun with a cool laser pointer.)

(Oh hey...maybe turning the lever off at the generator control will power everything down.)

(Orders are we're pulling out. But I just got here.)

(Do I have to go down there?)

(And the winner of this fight is me, because now I have a shotgun.)

(Hey, this looks very familiar from last game.)

(Can't ever have too much .357 ammo.)

(Something tells me that's not the express lane to the surface.)

(I have a bad feeling about this.)

(Can't think of a good reason why anyone should ever have access to this area, period.)

(Hmm...I'm guessing I press the green button?)

(Wow, those sewer pumps really  work...this room is nearly dry now.)

(Is that a diving board?)

(Oh, I see what to  do now.)

(The only easy day was yesterday.)

Sounds like next week will be more of the same in "We Are Pulling Out." Until then, have a wonderful weekend.