I was really hoping I'd have my gaming rig set back up so I could resume my Saturday night play through of the Half-Life games, especially since I was so close to finishing the first one. Unless something major goes wrong between now and next Saturday, I hope to get back to it next weekend. So, what should I blog about tonight instead? Well, I know a lot of people are watching the World Cup coverage - which some might call football while others might call it soccer. Regardless, I thought I'd share a pair of games that were shown off at E3 that are kind of soccer related.

The first up is Knight Squad.

"Knight Squad is a 1 to 8 players game that can be described as SNES era Bomberman meets Gauntlet. Play as a Knight in the arena and defeat your opponents using epic weapons and power ups. Challenge your friends in the Versus mode or play as a team as you try to defeat the challenges laid on every floor of Destiny's Tower."

This quirky little game looks like it is going to be a ton of fun, especially if you have a bunch of friends teamed up and playing with/against each other. It does indeed look a lot like Gauntlet, but includes a game mode called Soccer and it really does have a soccer field with each team trying to move the giant ball into the other team's goal, while trying to avoid being killed in the process. Yes, killed. How's that for unsportsmanlike conduct?

Knight Squad is being developed by Chainsawesome Games, a small indie developer that "was created in October 2012 by David Paré and Jean Simon Otis. Jade Bélanger joined the team shortly after to help with art and design." You can visit the game's website here.

The game is available on Steam for $9.99 (fairly low system requirements) and will eventually be coming to the Xbox One under the ID@Xbox game program.

If knights aren't your thing, then you have to check out #IDARB, another game I discovered because of the ID@Xbox program. This game has a couple of pretty nifty features you might find interesting.

"#IDARB is a constantly-evolving, crowd-sourced, minimalist game mechanic sketchbook. It features a chaotic 8-player eSport jumping jetpack future arena ball game that is as inspired by Bomberman and Smash Bros."

The first thing that makes #IDARB so neat is its Character Creator feature that allows you to create your own 8-bit character to star in the game. Some of the ones that have been created and added to the game are awesome! The gallery has a few gems that showcase the creativity of the players. Check it out here. Aren't some of these characters amazing?

The other cool feature is people who are watching via Twitch can type certain hashtags in the Twitch chat that cause an effect in the game. I don't know if I've ever seen this feature in a game before, so it was pretty neat seeing it in action. The game also has a hilarious dialogue and audio track that is sure to make you smile. Oh yes, the game is very much like soccer as you try to score a goal while preventing the other team from doing the same.

#IDARB was created by a team called Other Ocean...

Other Ocean develops games for multiple platforms including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, iOS, Android, Nintendo DS, Wii, and more. OOG operates a development studio in St. John's, Newfoundland as well as a quality assurance and community management studio, Sculpin QA, located in Charlottetown, PEI.

Other Ocean Group operates a business development studio from the hub of the games industry, in Emeryville, California. From there, our team of executives and business development veterans lead the charge on biz dev activities - regularly pitching to clients and holding discussions with some the biggest names in the business. Although the majority of our development work is done in Canada, a group of well-seasoned individuals in Emeryville makes up a team of highly talented and experienced gurus who can do just about anything. Oh and also on site is Mike Mika's large collection of arcade cabinets..... and many health potions...

You can find their website here

I hate having to mention this next part, but feel like I should to mitigate any negative attention. While both of these games are part of the ID@Xbox program and will be available on the Xbox One, I realize there may be some people who will read this and think all I'm trying to do is promote games on behalf of Microsoft. The truth is I'm more interested in the success of the indie developers and truly hope they find nothing but fame and fortune with the video games they've created, regardless of whether it is on the Xbox One or some other platform. I watched hours of coverage for each of these games and they look like a lot of fun. Besides, one of the developers is also selling the game on Steam, so you can buy it there and play it on your PC if you prefer that option instead; the other developer builds stuff for lots of different platforms, and who knows, maybe one of these games will end up on other platforms. Bottom line, if you don't like it or you're not interested...don't buy it. I'm not asking you to, not even suggesting you should. I'm only pointing out World Cup is going on now and here are two great upcoming soccer-like games with some pretty unique features you might be interested in.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your weekend. Game on.