New video game consoles are expensive. And whenever we take the plunge and purchase one, no matter which one it is, we want to feel like we got our money's worth; that we didn't just throw away a huge chunk of money on a frivolous purchase that we will regret every time we see the device.

There were days where I came really really close to regretting the decision to buy a Nintendo Wii U. There were also days (and plenty of them) where the Wii U was little more than a dust collector occupying real estate on my entertainment center. At first, I only had one game to play on Nintendo's newest console. And once it was finished, I had nothing...until a new game would come along. Slowly but surely...I had another game, and then another. And they were amazing games. There just weren't 't a lot of them.

Fast forward to earlier today, and all of that negativity and doubt disappeared. I didn't want to post another blog about E3 and have back to back blogs about essentially the same topic. But having watched Nintendo's show today, how could I not post something on the event - it was spectacular.

I'm not going to rehash all the gaming goodness Nintendo showed off in their presser. Suffice it to say I thought they did a really good job with their presentation. And not just because I say pretty much seemed like gamers regardless of console affiliation were impressed with what they saw. I know I was.

Despite having some really good games on the Wii U now, I couldn't help from time to time think it was a waste to buy this console. Well, Nintendo showed off a ton of different content today but the two items that forced me to rethink my outlook on the Wii U and dismiss this notion it was a waste of money was without a doubt footage of a new Zelda game, and news of a new Star Fox game that came later in the day.

First things first - the new Zelda game looks spectacular. This is the standard we've come to expect and accept from Nintendo and Zelda games, but this new game looks to go above and beyond. The environment looked stunning. Oh sure, the characters and the story and all the other features were a spectacle to behold... What was even more amazing about this game was we knew it was coming and we knew it was going to be on Nintendo's current generation console - and yet they still managed to blow us away with what they showed us.

Truth be told the main game I was excited for from Nintendo was Star Fox. It's been a more than a decade since we've been treated to a new Star Fox game. I think we're ready, or past ready, to see something new. And see something new we did. Shigeru Miyamoto was kind enough to show us what he's been working on. I was quite happy watching it all. I was never sold on the Game Pad - I like it, I just always saw it as kind of a gimmick. But now...perhaps Star Fox will be the game where I truly appreciate (and use) the Game Pad. Watching Miyamoto talk about Star Fox and seeing it in action erased any and all doubts I ever had about whether purchasing the Wii U was a good or bad decision.

It sounds like I still might have to wait awhile before I'm able to enjoy these delightful new games...but with games like Mario Kart 8 to hold me over...I think the days of the Wii U collecting dust might finally be over.

Nintendo might not have been at E3, but their presence sure reverberated throughout the show.