Like many of you I spent most of the day watching E3 coverage and like most of you I saw things that made me very excited to be a gamer. Admittedly, I quit watching after the Ubisoft presser, so I'll have to watch the recaps tomorrow. But one thing I noticed that you may or may not have was all of the negativity from some gamers and some of the industry professionals. This isn't anything new, but I just couldn't help but chuckle with some of the comments. It almost made me feel like some gamers are contrarian and just naturally take an opposing or negative view on the situation just so they...what...seem controversial or edgy? I'm not really sure why they do it. Some of the more entertaining grumblings I heard...

Too Many Decapitations and Dismemberments

There were so many people talking about the level of violence in some of the games that were shown today, and some even went as far as counting the numbers of decapitations and dismemberments. This struck me as odd, because we usually have to defend violence in video games from the non-gaming mainstream society. Yes, the ending scene in Assassin's Creed Unity was graphic, as was the scene in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare trailer. But it seems a bit disingenuous to be an adult gamer watching a trade show event designed for a mature audience and then get upset by a number of the games showing scenes of violence. I don't really understand the logic behind it, but it made for some entertaining comments.

Lara Croft Seeing A Psychiatrist

Sometimes I wonder if I'm naïve or blind or just plain insensitive. I watched the trailer for the new Tomb Raider game and was ecstatic. I played the last Tomb Raider game and really appreciated the reimaged Lara Croft and how they focused more on her as strong (emotionally, mentally and physically) woman than her physical attributes. I even noticed some comments from guys and girls approving of the game footage. But then...sigh. Then I started seeing the comments spring up here and there about her receiving counsel from what appears to be a psychiatrist... a male psychiatrist... and what happened to our strong independent female character? Why does she all of a sudden need help from a man to overcome her mental issues? I was kind of speechless. At first I didn't know what to say or think. That totally wasn't the vibe I got from watching the trailer. I certainly didn't think any less of her. But after seeing a few of these comments, I wasn't sure what to think anymore. I mean, there are gamers who want female characters with lead roles, but then when they have them...we (not necessarily you or me, but we in general) critique them to death about how it is done all wrong and makes them look weak.

A Remake / Re-Release Of An Old Game Was Big News

As a huge Halo fan, I and many hundreds or thousands of other gamers were quite happy with the big Halo announcements today. And why not, that was a heck of an announcement. I understand there are some who don't like Halo, and I'm okay with that. To each their own. But clearly there are a bunch who are so regardless of your feelings, this was a big news story just based on individual interest. But I saw quite a few comments talking about "this E3 is going to suck if the remake of an old Xbox game is the biggest news we're going to get". I dunno, maybe it's just me...but I know personally speaking, if there is a game I'm not particularly interested in, I can still watch with minor interest and just tell myself the announcement is sure to make some people happy. Look, I'm not a big Arkham fan or Metal Gear fan, but I have friends who are. So while I didn't really care about news of these games, I can still be excited about them, right? I just don't understand how or why some people have to be so negative over something they're not at all interested in. Halo was big news. And not just because I'm a big fan, but because there were lots of people who were big fans.

Not Enough Women Presenting On Stage

Lots of people counting the disparity between men and women presenters on stage. Oh, they were counting the numbers in game too, but mostly about the women on stage. This is a complex issue and not one that I think you can just casually look at and say - because there are no women on stage there is an obvious bias. There might be, there might not be. But bashing a developer or producer or organization that didn't put a woman on stage without having situational awareness of all the facts doesn't help the debate about gender inequality within the video game industry. There were several games that were shown that have quite a few women on their teams, and just because they weren't the ones speaking about the game on stage doesn't mean those women aren't treated fairly on the teams they represent. It's a touchy subject, and not one I'm really smart enough to talk about...but I do think it is a bit careless to just make an unsubstantiated comment based on a casual observation and expect it to be viewed as fact.

Indie Games Didn't Get As Much Press Coverage As Triple A Titles

Sometimes I think people just dig and claw for things to complain about, like indie games not getting as much coverage as games developed by the big studios. I've seen and played a number of indie video games, including some that were shown in Microsoft's indie developer montage, and you really can't devote a whole lot of time to them without showing off the whole game. A lot of times these games are simple and short and don't require a ten minute presentation. It's funny and a bit ironic that the big dogs can get beat up for not showing off enough of the indie games, but if you have ever been to a trade show event and talked to the developer, they give you a 30 or 60 second pitch of the game before letting you try out a demo. If the indie developers can show it off in 30 seconds, why can't the company that is going to publish it? Meh...things that make you go hmm...

Rainbow Six - The Hostage Was Female

So, I thought the Halo news was going to be my favorite story of the day, even after I saw more footage of The Division. But then Ubisoft pulled a fast one and showed us the new Rainbow Six game. I was so stoked and think I was actually more excited for it than Halo. Rainbow Six is one of my all-time favorite games and really is the game that led me into being a part of a community. I have so many fond memories of the game and the crew I used to roll with in this game. I've played them all and love them. I love shooters and tactical shooters like this are the best. I was completely amped with the whole demonstration and automatically in love with the game. But even it didn't make it through the show unscathed. I saw a comment, thankfully it was only one...that basically said... "Oh sure. The hostage was a female. Just what we need. Another game where there is a woman in trouble and needs saving." I literally did a facepalm. Are you kidding me? One of the Rainbow Six operators was a woman and I can almost guarantee you the hostage won't always be a woman. If you've played any of the games before, you know hostage rescue is a popular mode and sometimes there are men, sometimes there are women, and sometimes there are both. Rainbow Six is one of the few shooters that have offered both male and female character models in their games. Tell me that's not chuckle worthy. Hmm...

Overall, I thought it was a great E3. I thought all of the companies showed off some great products and I have to admit, I added quite a few new entries to my list of games to watch and or get. Besides Rainbow Six and Halo, I thought the new Assassin's Creed looked spectacular. I already mentioned Tomb Raider, but the new Mirror's Edge looked fantastic. I want to be excited for Mass Effect, and I guess I mostly am...but I really wanted to see more (didn't we all). I thought last year's trailer of The Division looked better than this year's, but I'm still super excited for it. I see Sony showed off a new Uncharted game, so I'm looking forward to watching that tomorrow.

I hope you all enjoyed any of the E3 coverage you watched. Feel free to drop me a comment and tell me what game or games you liked the best.