I'm going to go out on a limb and say many of you probably own at least two but perhaps even all three of the big name consoles - Playstation, Xbox, and Wii U. You probably also know the Playstation has the Playstation Network, Xbox has Xbox Live and the Wii U has the Miiverse. If you look up PSN and Xbox Live you will find their description is nearly identical...

...an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery service.

You could make the case Nintendo's Miiverse matches this description too. If you do indeed have all three systems, do you always use the online service social media aspect of it on all three consoles, or do you have a primary system you use?

I think it's odd that I have some friends unique to each list even though I know good and well they have two or maybe even three of the consoles. But I find it cumbersome to have friends on each of the systems - how do you respond to them all? I guess you'd have to log into each system and check any messages you might have. It just seems like a big pain in the butt.


Not only do you have each of the three big consoles, if you're a PC gamer you're faced with even more of these types of applications. I'm just looking at some of the ones I have installed. Of course there is Ubisoft's Uplay and EA's Download Manager. You can't really have this discussion and not put Steam at the top of the list.

So, what I'm getting at is you have a variety of different services that practically all do the same thing - some better than others - and I dream of a universal system that unites us all under one common application. I've talked about this before in another older blog and even mentioned Raptr as an example of a service that sort of tried to do this. Well, I'm thinking about it again so I thought I'd blog about it again. I guess most likely because I've been extremely busy lately and trying to log into a half dozen different services to check messages, game statuses, and sales info gets old...quick.

Well, since this is my blog (and my dream) I thought I'd pick out my favorite features from the various services and mash them all together to create one super-duper online gaming service.

First and foremost, I'd want it to have the look and feel of the Playstation dashboard. I don't have a PS4, so I can't really say what that looks like. But I do have a PS3 and have always been impressed with the dashboard. The little clicking beep-boop-beep noises. So, the User Interface (UI) goes to Sony and the Playstation Network.

As far as friends list and communications with fellow gamers, I think I'd have to go with Xbox Live. I'm not necessarily a huge fan of the way it is implemented on the console, but I do like the companion app for your smart phone. I was slow to start using Smart Glass, but now I find it to be such a handy little app and a great way to chat with your buddies.

I'm not a huge fan of EA's download manager, I guess because I already have similar apps that essentially does what it does, but I do think the way it manages and displays the games you have downloaded is pretty nifty. It sort of shows your library of games with the box art of each...almost as if they were sitting right there on your bookshelf.

Of course achievements, online activity and rankings would have to go Raptr. Most of the other services do achievement tracking, but the way Raptr facilitiates this and ranks you among your peers is truly the way it should be done. I'm actually kind of surprised Sony and Microsoft and Nintendo haven't incorporated a similar application that tracks it to the degree Raptr does.

Well, what does that leave...ah yes...

The marketplace and transactions goes to Valve, hands down. Steam Sales = 'nuf said.

Well, I should wrap this up. I still need to log into Steam and see if I have any new items in my inventory or any new messages from friends.

Hope all is well.