Some of you already know this but I've spent the last four days moving. And by moving, I don't mean fidgeting around in my chair...I mean boxing up everything I own and taking it somewhere else. Needless to say, my game playing time has drastically been impacted. My future game room location is standing room only and I literally have no idea where any of my game playing devices are currently located. Well, that's not quite true. I pretty much hand carried my Xbox over in the U-Haul and tucked it away once I got here so it wouldn't get damaged. So far, so good. So, about the only game playing I've been doing is on my phone, and even that has been minimal. However, earlier today I had the opportunity play the sequel to one of my all-time favorite franchises.

Worms Battlegrounds will have new and returning features such as classes from Worms Revolution and the clans system from Worms Clan Wars, water dynamics in Worms Battlegrounds is also improved. New features include a map editor to create and test maps for online and offline gameplay. Customization is also improved.

The game will include a total of 65 weapons. The new weapons from Worms Clan Wars are also included, such as the Winged Monkey, which can fly through the map and drop objects everywhere, and the Teleport Gun, a revamped version of the Ninja Rope that can teleport the user to where the laser hits, without ending the player's turn. The Holy Hand Grenade, Water Bomb and the Concrete Donkey will also return.

I've been playing Worms over the years ever since it was first released, and I've even blogged about it a number of times. Naturally when I discovered a new version of the game I was quite ecstatic (even though I probably won't have a console hooked up to play it until at least this weekend. I had no idea there were so many Worms games. Like nearly two dozen. Some of them stray from the original concept, but most seem to fall into the uh, what they call the artillery strategy genre. Hard to believe the first one came out in 1995.

Worms 2 was perhaps my favorite in the series, but Worms Battlegrounds captures much of the essence of what made that game so great. Lots of neat-o weapons; cool maps; worms with charming personalities - it's all there. One thing they did change that I kind of like, you have a big beefy worm. He (or she I suppose?) moves much slower but can sure take a hit. Seems like all of the coolest weapons are back and some new ones have been added. I kind of like the big magnet item that will send nearby mines flying and deflect any incoming missiles, say...from an airstrike. It's pretty neat. I still think the Holy Hand Grenade is my all-time favorite. Team 17 has always done a great job coming up with unique the old lady who explodes leaving a toxic mess behind. Who thinks this stuff up? I dunno, but it's kind of cool.

I don't know what else to really say about the game. I guess the good news is it is available on Xbox One and Playstation 4...and it is a ton of fun. No, make that a cubic ton. Or a cubic butt ton of fun.

I could bore you to tears with my stories about playing Worms. It used to be one of our family games and we'd all take turns playing against each other. It always seemed like everyone would gang up on me. Use that stupid grappling hook or ninja rope...whatever you call it. They would swing over, dump a holy hand grenade on me and take cover.

"Wait the..."


(If you've played the game you'll get the reference.)

Oh hey...I have Internet again.

Woo Hoo.

Don't worry...things will be back on track soon! I hope.