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Good Bye Old Computer Desk, You Served Me Well…

So, if you read my blog from yesterday you might recall I said I was moving. And move I did. And part of moving is getting your Internet connected in your new home. Or should I say, waiting for the cable guy to come out and hook it up. Alas, it looks like that is schedule for tomorrow. In the meantime, looks like I’ll be blogging from my phone, which means a short blog with no pictures.

Anyway…if you’ve ever moved in your life, you know the unfortunate part of it is the potential for your things getting broken. No matter how well you wrap it and pack it, sometimes it just happens. And today…I had to say goodbye to a dear old piece of furniture that has served me well for the last fifteen years. Yes, my computer desk is almost as old as some of you who might be reading this. I bought it when I was still on active duty and it has truly been around the world (or at least the United States). It started out in Georgia, but was later transferred to Hawaii where I used it for over 9 years. It was boxed up and put in a shipping container and rode on a boat across the Pacific Ocean. It arrived a little banged up, but that didn’t stop me from proudly displaying my computer on it. After that, it survived another cross country move back to Virginia for another couple of years. Then it came with me to Washington about this time last year. It really took a beating on this move…so much so that I had to buy some brackets from Home Depot to patch it up and reinforce the hutch. They don’t make particle board furniture like they used to.

It was the perfect gamer’s desk…the tabletop surface was huge…like a football field. It easily held my two monitors with plenty of room to spare. It has lots of pookas (pooka is a slang term for storage space) to hide my gaming gear. It also had a few shelves, one of which had a built in CD rack. The top of it made a nice display case, where I usually kept my replica lightsaber (hah, as opposed to my real lightsaber). This desk was really amazing in the height of my online racing days. I could move my keyboard and mouse up to the spacious tabletop, and then mount my racing wheel onto the keyboard tray. Even with the foot pedals and subwoofer tucked away under the desk, I still had plenty of legroom.

Well, regrettably tonight was the untimely demise of my amazing computer desk. Try as I might I couldn’t get it through the door frame (even after I removed the door). Too much pushing and pulling resulted in me trying to delicately disassemble the desk. And that was the final straw that resulted in my desk being converted into a heaping stack of fiberboard. I’m still shocked my 15+ year old desk that has survived several different states including two trips across the Pacific Ocean is gone.

If you want to see a picture of my desk, check out yesterday’s blog. So now I’m in the market for a replacement – and the actual topic of this blog. If you have a computer (gaming or otherwise), what sort of desk do you use and how do you like it? I’ve kind of been out of the whole seeking new computer desk romance thing for a while and I’m new at this.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Even more than that, I hope I get my house put back together soon.