Another Sunday means another episode of 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die, the (hopefully) weekly series where I play through all of the games listed in the book - 1001 Video Games You Must Play Before You Die. If I played the game before, then I will share my memory of the experience. If I haven't played the game before, then I find an online version or an emulator and I play the game (for at least 30 minutes). This is a book every gamer should have in their library, and if you're interested in purchasing it, you can find it here.

Last week I played Jetpac, or should I say experienced Jetpac. It's a brutally challenging game and not really too much fun. The coolest thing about the game is apparently it had a cameo appearance in Donkey Kong 64. Will this week's game be better or worse, who can say? Let me check the book and see what it says.

Juno First

Juno First is a shoot 'em up arcade game developed by Konami and released in 1983. It was licensed to Gottlieb in the United States. The game is a vertical scrolling shooter, with a third-person perspective like Radar Scope. It follows in the tradition of space-themed shooting-galleries such as Space Invaders and Galaga. Juno First, however, is notable for its frenetic gameplay (like Defender and Xevious).

Juno First presents a set number of enemies per level, but they do not make a gallery formation. This is not a typical gallery shooter. Instead, the player's ship can move forward and backward (in addition to left and right) to hunt enemies in an orientation that is vertical, but has some horizon-oriented tilt. This style of gameplay would be re-used in a later Konami shooter, Axelay.

The player destroys waves of enemies to finish levels. Starting formations vary from stage to stage. In addition, the player can pick up a humanoid, upon which the screen will have a red tint. While this happens, every enemy the player shoots will earn the player 200 more points than the previous enemy destroyed. The original score for shooting an enemy while in humanoid mode depends on the stage. (SOURCE: Wikipedia)

Have I heard of Juno First? Has anybody heard of Juno First? I kid of course but seriously...I have never ever heard of this game or anyone ever even mention this game. But if it has game play like Defender and Xevious - 2 games I have heard of - then I am at least a little bit interested. And if I want to mark it off my list, then I'll have to find a place to play it. Once again, Vizzed delivers the goods. You can find the game here.

Okay, so um...first thing is...Juno First is NOT like Defender. At least I didn't think so. Second of all Juno First is not very much fun. I will say I'm sure the arcade cabinet was a lot better than the cheesy little emulator I played, but everything about the game, the *ahem* graphics and audio...very weak. I mean, some games from the 80s just had the look and feel of a classic 80s game. So, either this emulator dumbed it down, or the game just didn't live up to the standard a lot of other 80s games did. I played it. I suffered through it. And it is definitely not one of the more memorable games I've played on this quest of playing all 1001 video games. And if it is memorable, it's for all the wrong reasons.

If you're even remotely interested in Juno First, you can find everything you ever wanted to know about the game...and then this website.

Please, oh please...let next week's game be better than this one. Until next time...

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.


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