It's Half-Life Saturday and while I was really hoping to put a huge dent in the levels I have remaining, alas, this level was a bit trickier than I expected it to be so I only made it about half way through it. The surprising part of all of it is the part giving me such problem are these annoying little insect looking things I assume are baby head crabs. They will swarm you and eat away at your health until nothing is left but starting over from the last check point.

The level starts with Black Mesa crumbling around you, most likely initiated by airstrikes and bombing runs (you hear them flying overhead at the start of the level). You're in a tunnel that starts to cave in and if you wait too long the falling rocks will crush you. But if you're quick and nimble enough you can take refuge through a doorway into a room that is most interesting.

The room is some sort of guard outpost and is equipped with a radio that is receiving a broadcast when you arrive. The message heard over the speaker states,

"Forget about Freeman! We are cutting our losses and pulling out! Anyone left down there now is on his own. Repeat; if you weren't already, you are now... *transmission is lost*

The soldiers are in retreat and are leaving you behind? Things must be bad? Well, they are.

The name of the level is...

"Forget About Freeman!"

In this chapter, the HECU determine that they're fighting a losing battle against the Xen aliens and, having continually failed to neutralize Freeman, abandon their mission and begin to evacuate the facility, calling in air strikes and heavy artillery to cover their retreat. Meanwhile, Gordon makes his way into an underground storage garage to avoid the bombardments, and eventually fights his way through scores of aliens and several groups of the decimated HECU forces before reaching the Lambda Complex.

The Marines begin to evacuate Black Mesa and air strikes begin. Gordon navigates underground water channels and tries to avoid scores of alien invaders as they pick off remaining Marine stragglers.

A number of the corridors are blocked with this spider web looking material. Some of them are equipped with these unusual looking oddities - and my guess is this is the source of the baby head crabs. They are easy enough to beat down with a crowbar, but those baby crabs will hunt you down if you're not careful.

There are an inordinate number of aliens in this level. No soldiers yet - they all have obviously evacuated as they were ordered - but lots of aliens. They like to warp in behind you after you pass by, and I was caught off guard by this several times. There also doesn't seem to be a lot of opportunities to restock your ammunition supplies or health.

As always, I've taken a handful of pictures to illustrate today's adventures.

(As Admiral Ackbar would say - It's a trap!)


(This place is literally falling apart around me.)


(I don't think I'll be going back that way.)


(We interrupt this broadcast to say - Forget about Freeman.)


(Hey, what's pulling this lever do?)


(Oh, it lowers this turret. Why is it beeping and flashing?)


(No Barney....RUN!)


(Derp. That's what the lever does.)


(You shall not pass!)


(Of course the elevator isn't working. Guess I'll have to take the stairs.)

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