There is a good chance if you're reading this you either have some variant of the Playstation or Xbox...but the odds are less likely you have a Wii U. This is just a simple observation based on the sales numbers and statistics that get published semi-regularly. We recently learned the Wii U sales numbers are worse than expected and how Nintendo really is suffering huge financial losses. It's easy to dismiss the news as unimportant if you don't have any of the Nintendo consoles or handheld gaming devices. I mean, if you don't have any of their devices and you're not buying any of their games, why should you care?

Maybe you shouldn't.

But maybe you should.

Most of us know a little bit about Nintendo's history. Yes, they've been in business a long time and yes, they used to have other interests besides video games, like producing handmade flower (hanafuda) cards. It was in the 1970s when they made the transition into the video game industry, where they have been one of the major corporations ever since.

Did you know Nintendo was founded in 1889?

Yes...eighteen eighty nine. One Eight One Nine. 1889.

Do you know what else happened in 1889?

Feb 22nd - US President Cleveland signs bill to admit Dakotas, Montana & Washington state to the union

Mar 4th - Benjamin Harrison inaugurated as 23rd president

Apr 1st - First dishwashing machine marketed (Chicago)

Apr 6th - George Eastman places Kodak Camera on sale for 1st time

May 30th - Brassier invented

Jul 8th - Wall Street Journal begins publishing

Oct 6th - Thomas Edison shows his first motion picture

Nov 17th - Union Pacific begins daily through service, Chicago-Portland & SF

Oh...and who could forget...

Sep 23rd - Nintendo Koppai (Later Nintendo Company, Limited) founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi to produce and market the playing card game Hanafuda.

Nintendo has been there since the beginning of gaming. Not just for me, but for all of us. I've been a gamer for decades, and Nintendo has been there every step of the way. I've had every flavor of consoles and handheld gaming device. They might not be my favorites, and they might not be the ones I play the most. But I have certainly supported them over the years and enjoyed their games. I'm even one of the ones that purchased a Wii U. I can't imagine a world without Nintendo, and I don't really think it will ever come to that. But I do think their financial struggles can and will result in decisions that will influence the entire video game industry. I doubt Nintendo would ever partner with Microsoft or Sony to publish Mario or Donkey Kong or Zelda games on any console other than a Nintendo branded console, so what does that mean? What can they do? It means a lot of the games and properties they own could be delayed...or worse, they might not get made.

They're truly in a difficult position. They need to make money. So, they could cancel projects and recoup any money budgeted to that project - but then they're not going to make any money from new games sales. Or, they could press on with some of the big name titles they have in the works - invest the money and fund the projects...and hope they turn huge profit margins.

Now the good news is Nintendo is loaded. If you believe Wikipedia, they are (or were) the world's largest video game company by revenue; its Japan's third most valuable company; and they have a market value of $85 billion dollars. So, I don't know that we should start a fund drive (or Kickstarter project) to save Nintendo just yet...but it's still concerning and not something to quickly dismiss.

Here is the hard part for me to reconcile. I can't do anything to help them. And chances are, you can't either. I have and continue to check the titles available on the Wii U. Every time I go to GameStop I look at (or should I say's usually a very small space) the Wii U selection and always walk away disappointed. How can I help Nintendo and the Wii U when there aren't any new games for me to purchase? Yes, I know...some are coming - some are on the horizon. And I'm excited for them. And I will buy them (or some of them)...but will it be too little too late?

Nintendo has a long road ahead. This path to being on the forefront of all the headlines for all the wrong reasons didn't happen overnight - it's been building over time. And unfortunately this long road to prosperity is going to take a long time to traverse. I'm ready and willing to help, but you're going to have to produce something for me to purchase first (and yes, don't worry...I'm already planning on giving you money for the new Mario Kart game).

Good luck Nintendo...I'm pulling for you.

1889...that is freaking amazing.