I was playing a game last night...a newer, rather popular game, and a game I really happen to like a lot. But there is something I just can't stand about the game. It's a petty complaint, it really is. And I do appreciate the developers for coming up with a unique and creative tool to add to the arsenal. But it just seems like an odd and unlikely combination - a knife and a computer hacking tool. Every time I use this (is it a weapon or a tool or both?) I cringe a little. I suppose that might give the game away, at least for some of you...but I promise this blog isn't about that game - rather, it is a blog about games that make knives available to the players (or non-players) and does a rather good job of it. At least I think so. If I'm missing any of your favorites, let me know. These aren't really in any sort of order, because they're all kind of cool and special in their own way. And oddly enough, I think most of my favorites are shooters. Perhaps that's not all that odd. I'll have to see if I can think of a non-shooter game to add to the list. Oh wait, I just thought of one or two...good ones too!

I don't know what game was the first to offer a knife as a melee weapon but I do know one of the first I remember ever playing was Counter-Strike. I wasn't ever really a fan of knives only matches (because I usually lost), but I was a fan of hiding in the shadows waiting for an overzealous player to come running by without properly checking the area clear...and sneaking up for that insta-kill backstab.

"Quiet and always available, the knife has a fast, low-damage primary attack and a slow, high-damage secondary attack. A backstab will earn quiet players an instant kill." -Official description

You know a knife is a big deal when it merits such a lengthy and detailed Wiki page.

Speaking of insta-kill backstabs, no knife list would be complete without including the Spy from Team Fortress 2. He's certainly not my favorite class to play...in fact, he is one of my least favorites. But when I do play as a spy, there is nothing as gratifying as sneaking up behind a player...especially one that is either dominating you (or perhaps camping the battlements on 2Fort) or otherwise being a nuisance. The Team Fortress 2 spy has a few different blades to choose from. And even though the standard issue butterfly knife doesn't really offer any perks, I do like watching the spy twirl it open, raise it for the final blow, and strike with a swiftness that is sure to cause the victim to grumble at the other end of their keyboard.

And what do you know, the knife in Team Fortress 2 has a pretty cool Wiki page too, complete with a video that shows it being used. Go ahead and click it, you know you want to watch what I'm talking about.

Can I manage to get three cool game Wiki pages about knives? Yes. Yes I can.

The Combat Knife, occasionally referred to as the Close Quarters Combat Weapon System, is a multi-purpose knife used by the United Nations Space Command.

Sound familiar? Well, if you're a Halo fan it probably does. If you only read one of the Wiki pages, read this one. It has some great trivia and background information about the *ahem* Close Quarters Combat Weapon System. So, besides being a huge Halo fan boy, I've included this knife because of Halo Reach and the "extended melee sequences" known as assassinations. Ah, such a rewarding feeling to pull off one of these moves - it ranks right up there with a finishing move in Mortal Kombat. Your Spartan would unsheathe his or her Close Quarters Combat Weapon System and drive the cold steel between the plates of armor...or worse - the skull shot. Ouch. Yeah, Halo...assassinations and the Close Quarters Combat Weapon System...they definitely deserve their spot on this list.

Of course if we're going to talk about using knives in combat. The game that reigns supreme might just be Call of Duty. Ever since they introduced the throwing knife in Modern Warfare 2, gamers from around the world have been slinging their blades - some trying to kill their opponents with lethally accurate throws while others try to embarrass them with trick shots. Some of the knife kills in Call of Duty were ridiculous.

"The pinnacle of stealth and precision, the Throwing Knife kills instantly on contact" -Call of Duty

I think the most out of this world kill I saw was someone who reflected the knife off of the helicopter and managed to score a kill shot. Say what? I know, right. I could spend all day (not that I have *ahem*) looking at amazing Call of Duty knife kill videos on YouTube. And yes...as you might expect, Call of Duty has an entry in their Wiki for the knife too.

So far, I think most of these have pretty much been multiplayer examples, but not to fear...I have a very good example of a singleplayer game using a knife. A very important use of the knife I might add. I can't go into all the details because I want to keep it spoiler free. But the game is Far Cry 3, and there are several moments where a knife might come into play. If you've played the game you know what I mean; and if you haven't...you should because it's awesome...in a creepy, painful sort of way. That's all I can really say. Other than...it's insane. Oh wait...wait just a minute. I take it back. There are actually SEVERAL moments from the game involving knives. But you really are going to have to play the game to see them all.

Okay, last game and then I'll shut 'er down for the night. I'm going old school and non-shooter. It's still a fighting game though. An epic fighting game. Aw yeah, you know what I'm talking about. It's Double Dragon time. Double Dragon had a few different weapons you could pick up. From a whip to a baseball bat, and oh yes. A knife. You could throw the knife. And it was cool. Maybe not as cool as a Halo assassination or a Spy backstab, but still cool.


On that note, I really hope the FBI or NSA never has a reason to review my internet browsing history. I might have a lot of explaining to do. Why yes I can explain why I searched on knives, spies, and assassinations.

Y'all have a wonderful evening.