When we last met to play Half-Life, I had just finished the Apprehension level. Yes, Gordon Freeman was taken into custody – all my possessions including my trusty crowbar were stripped away and I was doomed to the trash compactor. I managed to escape by basically being flushed out of the system into a pond of green goo, but thankfully I was reunited with my crowbar.

I managed to get through two levels during my Half-Life playtime tonight. The first was Chapter 10: Residue Processing and the next was Chapter 11: Questionable Ethics. I'm not sure if they were shorter levels or I just played longer (or a combination of the two), but I think I'm getting near the end of the game.

These two levels really make you question what exactly is going on in the Black Mesa research facility. You see a number of bizarre sights, and I don't just mean the weird creatures...a number of the facilities are every bit as toxic and deadly as the crazy critters you find running loose. Well with a name like Residue Processing, you go in expecting it to be...messy.

The wiki describes this level as:

After escaping from the trash compactor and getting back to the surface, Gordon stumbles towards a mostly abandoned part of the facility, meant for processing and disposing of waste and hazardous materials. Dodging and jumping through antiquated compaction machines, great vats of green waste, and slipping through furnaces, as well as riding on gravity-defying conveyor belts, Freeman escapes to a hidden part of the facility.

Yep, that about sums it up. I will say, I found myself navigating through some ventilation ducts that were pitch black, save the little beam of light from my flashlight. Sometimes I think it makes it creepier. Before long I proceeded to the Questionable Ethics level.

Questionable Ethics.

Ha. When the name of this level flashed up op the screen, I couldn't help but think who has the questionable ethics. Me? My fellow scientists? The G-Man? All of us? Yeah, I'm sure it was all of us. Gordon Freeman might not have known everything that was going on in other parts of the Black Mesa research facility, but I'm sure he was up to his own no good project.

I started running into more HECU soldiers, but also a lot of aliens. Different species too. From strange looking insects to this massive (and irate) mutant soldier who shoots these odd insect beams at me. You quickly learn when to stay and fight and when to run and get the heck out of dodge.

After surviving all the of the death trap machines and enemy combatants, I finally persuaded a scientist to use the retina scanner and let me outside. And after quickly dispatching an unsuspecting guard who was standing over the remains of a number of scientists, I was able to return to the surface and start towards the Lambda Complex. What vile and disturbing madness awaits me there? I dunno. I'll find out next Saturday I suppose.

I've highlighted a few moments from tonight's play through with the following images.


(Starting the level - I don't think this guy is sunbathing.)


(You find these guys near the end of the level all holed up and ready to help you.)


(Um, thanks for the warning...I guess)


(OMG what the heck is this ugly bug?)


(Yeah, that's it...poke it with your finger and make it mad.)


(You can follow me, but you will probably die. The choice is yours.)


(That's one way to get rid of them in bulk.)


(Oh, I see...push the red button and free the monster. )


(He's definitely intimidating looking.)


(Hah, thanks for the warning sign about high voltages...got it!)


(Who knew Black Mesa had  a pet kennel?)


(Whose ethics? Mine?)


(That is one impressive industrial strength garbage disposal.)


(And the sign says "Long-haired freaky people need not apply." Everywhere I go a new sign.)


(No lines to ride the escalator!)


(In my experience, when you see a warning sign, that's the way you're going to go.)


(See that pipeline up there on the right?)


(Well, it blew up and sprayed this goo everywhere - hopefully it isn't too toxic.)


(I'm not so sure I want to observe.)


(There is a way to save him, but if you want his gun, do you? Heh Heh)


(Is this the kitchen or research lab?)


(Where is the Orkin man when you need him?)


(I think this is an important clue.)


(Looks like a beautiful day out.)


(Don't look at me - I didn't do it)


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Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the rest of it.