It's Saturday Night and I'm feeling lucky - lucky with my play through of Half-Life.  I started this project a little over a month ago,  and since then I've been making my way through the game - partly because I want to experience them again, but also to evaluate how well the game has aged over the years since its release. Last week I was playing "On A Rail" but this week was Apprehension?


This level started off a little slow but by the end it was one of my favorites. I'm not going to lie, this level had a few moments that made me jump, heh heh. Anyway, you spend much of this level underwater as you continue making your way to surface. In one particular area, you walk into this room just in time to see a huge fish jump out of the water and practically swallow a scientist whole. Unfortunately, you have to end up in the drink. The good news though, you find the crossbow.

As the level progresses, you fight aliens and HECU Soldiers again (of course) but there is a new bad guy to combat too. Actually, three new bad guys. They 're dressed like Ninjas and are about as quick. I ran into a Barney - Security guard, who said he had something to tell me, but before he could spill it one of these ninja warriors sniped him and took him out.

The round wasn't all that long but had a lot of important events. I made it through fairly quickly. Towards the end of the level you figure out why the name of the level is Apprehension. The HECU soldiers captured me. I was totally shocked when it happened. To make matters worse, they didn't just apprehend me - two soldiers are talking about me and my fate. So, when they did catch me...they didn't want to keep me. They hinted at making my body disappear. When I awoke, I was in a trash compactor - just like that one in Star Wars. It was pretty neat seeing this; I didn't remember it at all.

After the trash compactor I made my way through the various levels in the building until I finally found an exit. Not the greatest exit as far as exits go, but I'll take it. This concluded the level, but hey...look at this...more screen shots.

(Something evil is lurking in there)

(Guess I'll never know what he wanted to tell me now)

(Ninjas - the ultimate in backup plans)

(Almost there - I can see sun light)

(Something tells me there is something bad behind Door Number 2)

(Pull my lever)

(Trash Compactor Scene - fresh out of Star Wars)

(Phew, thought I lost you)

(My emergency exit - and the end of the level)


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Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend. Enjoy the rest of it.