I finally discovered something better than Titanfall - playing Titanfall with a friend! I was playing the game when out of nowhere, WHOOSH! A message from none other than...the legendary and infamous - Demon Ragnarok. Some of you may recognize the name Demon Ragnarok from the Game informer Online community from way back when. Yes, it is one in the same. We joined forces for a few rounds (what turned out to be three rounds) and dare I say...had a lot of fun.

Demon Ragnarok is a Generation 8 pilot and was easily the highest rated pilot in each of the rounds we played. Generation 8 is the highest level I've seen to date and I was glad to have him on our side. Unfortunately I didn't have my mic set up so we couldn't talk to each other, so we had to resort to messaging back and forth using the messaging function of Xbox Live. Not the handiest but we made do. I had to tell him how amazing he was doing. Now, I can't say for certain we won just because our team had Demon and I and we carried them, but the truth is we annihilated them. It wasn't even close. And we did finish each of the rounds fairly high on the leaderboard.

So, this was the first time I managed to play the game with a friend. It's cool because when you team up, your buddies show up on the map as a different color. This is quite handy because you can always see where they are and stay in close proximity with one another (or you'll know what area to avoid, heh heh). I followed him around quite a bit and wasn't surprised to learn he is sort of an assault player - he rushes into every battle with speed and fury. I tend to be more reserved - I hang back and like to fight with the support of my teammates.

After three rounds, I had to depart...but I vowed this was something we needed to do again, and do again soon. It also reminded me of an old Game Informer Online community event that used to be facilitated by different members of the community called Frag Fest. Frag Fest was an event where the community would come together to play a particular game. Now, I'm not necessarily trying to rekindle Frag Fest as I certainly don't have the time to host this, but I do want to maybe see if there is any interest in the community teaming up to play Titanfall together...and not just team up together...but have one of us actually stream the game play using the built in Twitch streaming feature. I know I'd watch it (but I really hope to be one of the ones playing it).

I'm not proposing dates and/or times just yet. I'm just putting out some feelers to see if we can get a handful of members to express interest in committing a few hours to play some Titanfall and maybe even stream the gameplay. If you're interested, please let me know and we'll see if we can throw this little party together.

Who knows, maybe if we do really well and have a lot of fun, we create our own little team of pilots...we get matching bowling shirts with our gamertags on the back and come up with a catchy name like the GIO Punishers or something. Hah, I kid...but it is something I think we can have fun with.

Oh well, it's late...and I need to turn in. Hope you all have a great day.