I have no idea where this blog came from or where it is going. After a long flight to the east coast and after some socializing with a handful of colleagues, I suppose I was feeling a bit nostalgic. Is it Thursday? It is, it is Thursday. Maybe I was feeling nostalgic for Throw Back Thursday. Anyway, I'm holed up in a hotel room and have no real gaming devices available. Oh, sure...I could play something on my phone and I have a couple of games installed on my work laptop. But doesn't look like I'll be playing Donkey Kong or Titanfall tonight. Anyway...I was flipping through the channels and saw an advert for monster trucks or something like that...

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

I've always loved Monster Trucks ever since I was a wee lad. Not too long ago I used to live relatively close to the Grave Digger facilities in North Carolina. Neat place. I wonder why we don't have more Monster Truck games. We have plenty of racing games, and some of them focus on  off-road racing, but we don't see a lot of Monster Truck games (at least that I am familiar with - if I am wrong please bring it to my attention). Believe it or not Wikipedia has a list of off-road racing games. You can find it here.

But I already admitted I was feeling a bit nostalgic and it is Throwback Thursday (although I suppose it is technically Friday now) so clearly I have a game in mind from the past I plan to talk about.

I do indeed.

When I was a kid one of my favorite games was Bigfoot on the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Bigfoot is a racing video game released in July 1990 for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was developed by Beam Software and published by Acclaim. The game was advertised by the legendary monster truck of the same name in the cartoon segment of the 1990 television show, Video Power, titled The Power Team. The show also often used sound effects for the actions of not only Bigfoot, but others as well.

The gameplay involves racing monster trucks including the title truck, Bigfoot (blue). The computer controlled trucks are green (The Growler), and yellow (The Charger) if the computer's truck runs out of money and cannot repair their rig. It was not uncommon for a skilled player to be challenged by three to four different monster trucks during the game. In two player mode the 2nd player's truck is red. The object of the game is to advance to the next level (race) with incurring the least amount of damage as possible. The levels consist of car crushing, mud bog, tractor pull, hill climb, and the later levels are a combination of everything except the sled pull, simply called a drag race. To advance to the next event the player must complete a "cross country" race collecting money, points, etc. without damaging the truck. (Source: Wikipedia)

I used to hate this game. Not the game really, but the controls. It was a button masher. Well, I would describe it as a button masher. You were actually alternating between hitting left and right on the d-pad. Clearly the faster you could do this, the faster your big blue Bigfoot truck would go. We didn't waggle back then, we button mashed. And I hated button mashing because I was never very good at it.

For whatever reason that I escapes my memory, I got a joystick for my NES. An old school joystick. No really...it was a stick. Not a rectangular controller with a d-pad and buttons. A stick (although it did have buttons). It's so much easier hitting left and right with a stick than a d-pad. And it improved my gameplay exponentially. I could beat anybody I played against. I could beat the computer AI players. And not only that, the truck literally moved so fast on screen, I would stomp through the mud, roll over cars and catch air as I jumped over small hills. It was shocking the difference between the controller and the joystick.

Man, I loved that game.

Now I'm smart enough to know if there was a huge demand for a monster truck game we would have one...because someone would make one. So, I might be the only one who wants this, but I'm okay with that. I could tell you about the ole Demolition Derby game I used to play too, heh heh. Maybe next time.

The weekend is almost here and lots of exciting things are afoot. Enjoy it all!