One of the challenges with blogging (at least for me) is wanting to write about topics that the audience already seems tired of, or not interested in from the start. NO...I'm not talking about Titanfall. Well, maybe I am. But obviously this topic, the one I am talking about now, can apply to any number of subjects (including Titanfall). It should go without saying but for the record, everything in this blog is just my opinion based off of casual observations. Whether you agree or not is entirely up to you - and I would of course love to hear some thoughts about what you all think.

I'm no blogging expert by any stretch of the imagination but since I blog somewhat frequently and read a fair number of other blogs from the community, I can't help but notice patterns and trends. It helps with trying to figure out what to blog about and what blogs the community wants to hear about. And one such characteristic I tend to notice is the rise and fall of community interest with certain topics (and yes, in my opinion...interest in Titanfall is already on the decline). Now, if you're looking for solutions, answers, or explanations, sadly you won't find them here. I only wish I knew how to figure out the secret to getting the audience's attention (besides the easy cheap shots like kittens or seductive imaging).

What I find most fascinating about this topic is how interest in some games outlives other games. While interest in Titanfall discussions might be on the decline, Dark Souls II still seems to draw in the community and get their (your) attention. Another game I was surprised with how much attention it seem to pull in was inFAMOUS Second Son. Conversely, South Park: The Stick of Truth spiked much higher than I expected but then burned out much quicker than I thought it would. I really guessed wrong with the South Park game.

Of course there are so many factors that come into play that can drive the burn out rate to the point of information overload. How many people are talking about it; how often they are talking about it; how they are talking about it. All of this matters.

For a while, Nintendo was the hot topic. Everybody was talking about Nintendo. But it peaked rather quickly and then people seemed to want to quit talking about it, or at least quit hearing about it. I was kind of surprised how quick it seemed to burn out because I think it's an important topic with a lot of different angles and opportunities that could be explored. Apparently the vast majority of the community thinks otherwise. No worries.

Another topic I think fell off the face of the earth was discussions about this next generation of consoles that arrived only a few months ago. It was undoubtedly (and rightfully so) one of the most prevalent topics before d-day (launch day) but almost as soon as both big names released their consoles, everything went silent. I mean, even the console debates and fan boy wars all but ended. I'm surprised we haven't seen much in the way of - okay the new consoles are out, have been out, have seen some system updates...and this is what I think about the system or systems I purchased. Oh sure, there are discussions like that here and there. But they're not all that common.

Personally speaking, I had a long list of blog ideas regarding Valve's multi-tiered announcements about a console, a controller and an operating system. But interest in that seemed to plummet faster than a lead airship from Bioshock Infinite. I think had I posted more on that subject, the crickets would've been the only ones reading. I realize the things I'm interested in and excited for won't necessarily be what everyone else is interested in or excited for.

I think the same is largely true with a lot of the video game industry events. Chatter about the recent Game Developer Conference was minimal. I think interest leading up to PAX East and E3 will be on the rise, but after a few days for each event the audience won't be as interested. Now maybe that's because they're not there and so they don't want to hear about it, or maybe it's because they're tired of hearing everybody talk about it so often. I don't know, I just know in my casual observations many gamers don't seem to respond well to posts about these subjects.

Just for my own amusement, I thought I'd take a look at the sort of blogs that have been posted in the first three months of 2014. For the record, that's nearly 1,000 blogs already. It's interesting looking at the blogs. The bloggers here blog with variety and purpose. Out of nearly 1,000 blogs, only a handful of them actually have the name of a video game in the title. The diversity is amazing and truly a quality I think makes the blogging portal attractive to the community. We don't just talk about topics you can find the professionals talking about...the sort of stuff on the front page. We cover every facet of gaming. And I think that's pretty cool. If you're curious about the games that got more than a single mention, I've included a list. Out of all the blogs posted this year, these are the ones that are talked about more frequently. The list is not all inclusive (just a quick snapshot of the content - there were others that only got a mention or two.

Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty, Dark Souls, Dead Space, Dishonored, Dota 2, Final Fantasy, Halo, inFAMOUS, Persona, Pokémon, Skyrim, Smash Bros., South Park, Titanfall, Uncharted and Zelda. Surprisingly, Call of Duty was one the most commonly mentioned games, with Titanfall a close second.

In closing, video game news is perishable. But so is community interest. As a blogger you can always blog about topics you're interested in, but the real challenge is blogging about topics the audience is interested in.

Have a great weekend.